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TnT vs Mexico
Date: Wednesday 12th October 2005
Venue: Hasely Crawford Stadium, Trinidad
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Viva la Trinidad
by El Bandito

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To be quiet honest, this spectator isn't an avid supporter of football. It was my first match since the Ash Wednesday game against USA, where the Soca Warriors lost 2-1. I did not have any expectations for this match. However, I was in for a surprise. I knew Mexico was a tough opponent, however given the fact they had already qualified this was not their "A" team, anything could happen. Like most fans, TJJ crew were adorned in red. We got to the stadium hours before the 8pm kick off time. Once we had secured a seat "de lime start". Amidst a vast sea of red (numbering close to 25,000), waving our red white and black flags, we were ready and rearing to go.

By 7pm the crowd was ready for some pre-game action... and who would answer the crowd's call? Maximus Dan and Destra (if my memory serves me correctly). The crowd went wild. Patrons rose to their feet as our Soca artists circled the field singing to the packed National Stadium. I for one almost forgot I came for a football match. It was as though we were attending a Carnival concert!! What a lovely prelude to the Trini 2006 Carnival season!!

Well what can I say about the game? IT WAS ACTION FROM START TO FINISH! If you were not there... Yuh miss out! TNT football fans and spectators alike were kept on the edge of their seats for 2 hours. Let me tell you, loyal fan or not, supporter or not, it was action right though. This game was like an epic battle, between ancient enemies, like gladiators clenched in close combat. The Soca Warriors played with a spirit, and a unity that most had never seen. Our boys keep their intensity from start to finish and nothing pleased the crowd more. Our morale was temporarily dashed, when an early goal from the Mexicans (Jaime Lozano in 37th minute) was coupled with a missed penalty by Stern John (of England’s Derby County FC). However, with the help of some familiar veterans, Russell Latapy and Dwight Yorke, the team was able to rally together and maintain the offensive onslaught on the Mexican defense. Finally, Stern John evened the score by placing the ball in the back of the net in the 41st minute.

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Next thing we hear "Guatemala leading Costa Rica 3 goals to zip". This meant a must win situation for the Soca Warriors. The fans were now exhausted and worried our world cup dreams had come to an end. But our boys could not be sullied, not this day. They kept the crowds hope alive with a dazzling display of skill. And then, in the 60th minute of play.... Goooooooooooooal...Goooooooooal! Our hopes were not in vane. Stern John shot the Soca Warriors to the 2-1 lead!!

So with time running out and TNT is one goal up, the energy of the crowd began to rise. So eager were the fans, that you heard the count down to the end of play 10 . . . 9 . . . 8 . . . and after 2 minutes stoppage time, came the referee's final whistle. Well fete in Trini again!! It was like mas in de Savannah on de big stage. Forget the fact that it is a week night and there is work in the morning... cause at 10pm everybody headed to Crobar, Smokey's or somewhere to celebrate the victory. Congratulations Soca Warriors on a well earned victory!!

Next for T&T is a showdown on Saturday November 12th on our home turf (Hasely Crawford Stadium) with Asia’s Group B third-place team, Bahrain, who tied Uzbekistan. A win would put us in the World Cup for the first time ever. That's correct... a ticket to the World Cup 2006!! It's actually bringing back chills of the Strike Squad Vs USA game back in 1990. Download the Soca Warriors Chant today!!