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Blueberry Bashment ... Vibez Session IV
Date: Friday 28th July 2006
Location: Captain John's, Downtown Toronto
Promotions: M.A.C Productions, Renegade Squad, Born Innocent Ent
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T'was the week before Caribana and the city was restless, soon the hysteria of which fete to attend and what to wear would be a mind consuming event. Tonight there was no confusion, Blueberry Bashment aboard the legendary Captain John's at Queens Quay and Younge Street would be the place to be!! Presented by MAC Productions, Renegade Squad & Born Innocent Ent, you knew it would be a serious vibe session and trust us did they EVER deliver.

Trini Jungle Juice was on the inside around 11"30pm and the vibe was just getting started. It was another warm summer night in the T.DOT so many were outside on deck chillin', sippin' on the drink of their choice taking in the beats. And with four bars on board you couldn't go wrong.

To put it simply, the DJs mashed it up! Big props to D'Enforcas, Soca Monarchs, D Conductor and our boys Renegade Squad for keeping the crowd in a frenzy people didn't know which room to lime in fuss the music was outstanding everywhere you went. Of course we must shout out the men with the mic - E Man, Lindo P, Trikki and Mr Presto - for keeping the crowd hyped. Party was hot and we also mean that litterally if you didn't know by now Cpt John's is ah pure sweat box so always dress to sweat!

All in all it was a nice vibe - even nicer that most of the crowd kept to the theme "Blue" (next year, we want to see all man jack in BLUE). Much thanks for allowing TJJ to pass through Vibez Session IV ... we go see allyuh next year!

TriniRedWoman (TRW) gone... with Corn Soup in hand!