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Brazil vs Australia (Fan Fest Munich, World Cup 2006)
Date: Sunday 18th June 2006
Location: Munich, Germany
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In our efforts to continue to provide international coverage, we decided to soak up some atmosphere at the Brazil vs Australia match on Sun June 18th in Munich. Now, after Angostura's Rum Karneval the day before, our spirits were still high as we continued to enjoy the World Cup atmosphere. We left the hotel and went to the Marienplatz, which is the main square in Munich, and took in some of the action. Both Brazil and Australia had supporters there, but the Brazilian fans far outnumbered the Aussies.

You can see from the pictures that Brazilian fans love their football to de max! They were decked out with yellow, green and blue all over their faces and bodies ... and as we have all come to expect, there was plenty of eye candy for everyone! Of course, we only had male photographers on da scene so there may be more pictures of the women than the men! Dat's sumting! ;-)

We then headed over to the Fan Fest, which had a huge viewing area to watch the game, with food and drinks and lots and lots of fans! Brazilian fans were celebrating and they welcomed all nationalities to join in their celebrations. There is no way to describe the amount of fun so you will just have to take a look at the pictures and wait for the fabulous TJJ TV video clips to come to see for yourselves! Ohhhh dat Samba!

We have to mention the great Australian fans who were happy both before and after the game, and although disappointed for their loss, they were always entertaining and ready to have fun. Kinda reminded us of ourselves ... win, lose or draw, we still having a time!