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Callaloo 2006 Band Launch "Exotic Species"
Date: Saturday 29th April 2006
Location: Fox & Fiddle, Toronto
Promoters: C
allaloo Mas Camp
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Ah yes Toronto have four seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer and Band Launching season and seeing that Caribana ... amm we mean Toronto Caribbean Carnival (or whatever they want call it) is around the corner, it most certainly is Band Launching season. With that said TJJ moving from "house to house" camera in one hand, drink in the next!

This rounds was Callaloo Mas Camp presenting their 2006 presentation "Exotic Species." Held at the ever so controversial Fox & Fiddle (Kennedy & Progress), we have to admit that security was much friendlier than in the past and made great efforts to minimize the wait time outside so things were definitely off to a good start. TJJ was on the inside about 11:30 PM and although the place was not fully packed at that point, the anticipation of Caribana fever can be seen on all faces, de people were ready to see some costumes. In the meantime, nuff props to Soca Monarchs and MarXman who threw down the tunes on the ones and twos keeping the vibes going strong until it was time to get the show on the road. All d action was live-to-air on CHIN 100.7FM with radio personality Jai.

Around 12:30 AM, Toronto's own Moses Revolution came on stage singing all the big tunes from past Carnivals right up to the hits of Carnival 2K6. After their performance, the parade of costumes began, which comprised of eight sections - all full of colour. All models did a great job of displaying the costumes to their fullest and it is most evident that the standards of making mas has most definitely improved. Here is a list of sections:

Flamingo: Pink & White | Amazon Tree Boa: Brown | Vlyssess Butterfly: Blue & Silver | Monarch Butterfly: Orange & Silver | Golden Lion Tamarin: Orange & Gold | Brazilian Blue Bird: Navy Blue & Gold/Silver | Sea Horse: Black, Yellow, Gold | Coral Snake: Red, Silver, White

People certainly have their work cut out for them in choosing a section! And with live music on the road with big names like Imij & Co., Denise Belfon and much more this band is sure to sell out quickly.

As always Dr. Jay & E Man kept the fever going and the crowd continued to party till a little after 3 AM. TJJ rolled out and switched up beats with the Pita Pit as the corn soup man was no where to be found (at least the regular guy lol). Big thanks to Marlon Singh and the entire Callaloo Mas Camp for allowing TJJ to pass through and capture the essence of Exotic Species.