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Caribana Parade 2006 Pt I
Date: Saturday 5th August 2006
Location: CNE Stadium to Lakeshore Blvd, Toronto
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With a trail of empty corn soup bowls behind us and daily maximum use of Visine and caffeine it was finally time for the parade. The long awaited Toronto Caribbean Carnival (Caribana) was upon us and with the sun shining like you should be heading to the beach, Trini Jungle Juice was once again on d’road – batteries charged and ready to go!

TJJ arrived at the CNE grounds around 12 noon and believe it or not the parade had already begun. Excitement was in the air as masqueraders hurried to meet up with their band where as spectators hustled to find a comfortable and hopefully shady spot to set up camp for the day. With no time to lose, TJJ was in action and with over 400 plus photos for your viewing pleasure, we hope everyone had as much fun as we did.

Congratulations to all of the mas camps for bringing Caribana to a higher level each year, the costumes get better and better each year. For all those who abandoned ship and went to Cropover'06 (we eh calling no names... DRE!) Here are the official results from the parade. And as Destra say, "We going Jumpin'... ooh oohhh, Jumpin' by de square ... we going wavin' ooh oohhh, hands up in de air..."

Toronto Caribbean Carnival (Caribana) 2006 Band of Year Results
(Rank – Mas Band – Theme– Bandleader)

01 – Carnival Nationz – V-La Copa Mundial - Curtis Eustace
02 – Callaloo – Exotic Species – Marlon Singh
03 – Mas-K-Club – Mas Jamboree – Louis Saldenah
04 – Mas Toronto – Temptation – Errol Achue
05 – Jamaal Magloire – Guily Pleasures – Jamaal Magloire
06 – Arnold Hughes & Associates - D’Spirit of Carnival – Arnold Hughes
07 – D'Calabash & Co – The Awakening – Jesse Mathews
08 – Toronto Caribbean Connection – Beyond the Horizon – Kenny Coombs
09 – Ken Defreitas & Associates – Colours in the Wind – Ken Defreitas
10 – Bazodee Connection – A Taste of the Caribbean – Cecil Roach
11 – Pleasure Players – Precious Jewels – Whitfield Balasco
12 – Nip Davis & Associates – Carnival is Colour – Nip Davis
13 – Borokeet Canada – Future & Back – Frank Ramsaroop
14 – Mas Players Int’l – Euphoria – Melissa Doldron
14 – Scarborough Caribbean Sports Club – Sea Fantasy – Alvin Adore
16 – Masqueraders Int’l – A Fantasy Garden – Terry Skinner

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