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King & Queen Xtravaganza 2006 (Caribana)
Date: Thursday 3rd August 2006
Location: Lamport Stadium, Toronto
Promotions: Toronto Caribbean Carnival Committee
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King of the Bands 2006
1. Rudy Rampersad - D'Soca Warrior (Curtis Eustace - Carnival Nationz)
2. Dexter Seusahai - The Coral King Marlon Singh's Callaloo)
3. Aaron Saldenah - Prevail of the Lion (Louis Saldenah Mas-K Club)

Queen of the Bands 2006
1. Tamara Alleyne Gittens - Keep Your Head Up T&T, We Going World up 2010 (Curtis Eustace - Carnival Nationz)
2. Betty Toni - Madame Butterfly (Marlon Singh's Callaloo)
3. Georgia Callender - Dance of the Peacock (Louis Saldenah Mas-K Club)

Male Individual of the Year 2006
1. Andy 'Meggy' Charles - Keeper of D'Cup (Curtis Eustace - Carnival Nationz)
2. Shane Mungal - Splendor in Flight (Marlon Singh's Callaloo)
3. Shane Richards - Revelation (Kenney Coombs - Toronto Caribbean Connection)

Female Individual of the Year 2006
1. Carlene O'Brien - Dame Lorraine (Jamaal Magloire)
2. Andrea Douglas - Spirit of Joy (Jesse Mathews - Calabash Co.)
3. Zakiya McGregor Ricketts - Spirit of Mas (Arnold Hughes & Assoc)

Junior Band of the Year 2006
1. Marlon Singh (Callaloo) - Exotic Species
2. Jesse Mathews (The Calabash Co.) - The Awakening
3. Arnold Hughes & Associates - D'Spirit of Carnival

Junior King of the Bands 2006
1. Darian Joseph - Carnival Warriors (Arnold Hughes & Associates)
2. Shane Singh -King of the Jungle (Marlon Singh's Callaloo)
2. Andrew Ramsaroop - Future and Back (Frank Ramsaroop - Burrokeet Canada)

Junior Queen of the Bands 2006
1. Shanna Joseph - Feather of the Sea (Alvin Adore - Scarborough Caribbean)
2. Khyle Mathews - Morning Glory (Jesse Mathews Calabash Co.)
3. Ashley Gangaram - A New Day Dawning (Melissa Doldron, Mas Players Int'l)

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