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Carnival Nationz 2k6 Band Launch "V ... La Copa Mundial"
Date: Saturday 27th May 2006
Location: Viva Nightclub, Toronto
Promoters: Carnival Nationz Mas Band

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Another Saturday night, another Band Launch and this round was the much anticipated band launch by T.O. Carnival defending champions Carnival Nationz. Held at Viva Nightclub in Markham, the TJJ posse arrived on scene around 11:30 pm and was greeted by the sweet beats of the De Farmers Rhythm Section outside. In other words, you were already chippin to get inside the fete or those on island time it was a way to pass the moment in line.

After a quick security check we were greeted by the Money Gram ladies who were handing out bandana's and key chains (eh, where de batteries! lol). Bap bap, it was time to survey the crowd and of course secure some drinks, which turned out to be a slight headache due to the location and staff running the bar, but with DJ's Court Jester, Soca Sweetness and D'Bandit mashin up on the one's and two's and SKF on the mic, everyone simply took their wine as they waited.

The presentation started around 12:30 am and fetegoers were given a very talented introduction to ball handling by two guys from Freestyle Soccer. The crowd was wowed, hyped and ready for more. Bring out the costumes! And so the parade began. "V ... La Copa Munidal" was revealed. The band has nine sections, each colour representing a country playing in World Cup 2006. With all models doing an excellent job in displaying the costumes, masqueraders certainly have their work cut out in deciding which section to jump up in. But don't wait too long, judging by crowd reaction, this band is sure to sell out in a blink of an eye. Here is a list of sections:

Argentina - Tango - Baby blue and white
Brazil - Samba - Lime green and orange
France - Champs Elysees - Gold with brown
Germany - Deutscheland - Lilac, green
Italy - Venezia - Baby blue and dark blue
Mexico - Xbalanque - Coral Pink and Brown
Portugal - The Azores - Purple and Gold
Spain - Toro Toro... La flamenco y El Matador - Orange, red and gold
Trinidad and Tobago - Soca Warriors - Wine and silver (chain)

The party continued till about 3:30 am and with corn soup in hand - TJJ headed home. Big up to the Carnival Nationz posse! We can't wait to see to you guys on de road! Which band launch we hittin' next... hummm.