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ICC Cricket World Cup WI 2007 Official Song Launch
Date: Thursday 30th November 2006
Location: Club Zen. Port of Spain, Trinidad
Promotions: ICC Cricket World Cup West Indies 2007 Inc.
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For all you cricket lovers and fans out there, 2007 will be the year that the West Indies host the ICC Cricket World Cup. Way to go countries of the West Indies, lets show the world that we got what it takes.

Now an official song was composed for the 2007 CWC, and T&T was fortunate enough to be the country chosen for the grand unveiling. The ceremony was held at the Club Zen on Thursday 30th November between the hours of 6 and 8 PM. Before the unveiling, Damon Leon, Marketing Manager for the ICC CWC West Indies 2007 Inc. enlightened the audience a bit on some of the key criteria used for the creation of the signature song. Also on the aspects of what the song needed to have and what it was suppose to represent.

After his detailed speech, without further a due, he unveiled the official song. "The Game of Love and Unity" was the name of the track and it was said to be a musical collaboration from three of the Caribbean's hottest, most popular entertainers today; Rupee from Barbados, Shaggy from Jamaica and Faye Ann Lyons from Trinidad & Tobago. Unfortunately, only Atlantic recording artist Rupee was able to make it to the launch. After coming out and performing his piece, Rupee then introduced models sporting some of the fashion wear designed with the CWC theme in mind to the audience.

There was then a couple of photo opts and interviews conducted before things mostly began to wrap up. Now for all you who are dying to hear the big big tune, you know Trini Jungle Juice is going to be de first exclusive Caribbean website to buss de chune. Here it is people, the official ICC CWC 2007 song, drum roll please......... "The Game of Love and Unity".