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DC Carnival On D Road Pt 1
Date: Saturday June 24th 2006
Location: Washington DC
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After leaving Taboo @ about 6 am, we went straight to the airport to catch a flight to ATL for a friend's wedding. But the carnival Gods wouldn't have it ... the airport was a mad house with so many flights cancelled due to weather. After spending hours at the airport, we decided it wasn't meant to be and we headed back to base. Took a power nap, called the crew and it was off to Georgia Ave ... DC Carnival here we come!!!!!

By the time we reach it was already 2:30 pm, we knew we had no time to waste. First band we see is the Oil Band. Yes, dey look like dey having a ball but we all know how long it take to scrub dat tar out ... ent? We know people who still scrubbing tar from behind deh ears. So we decided to take a few pics & get out of de way ... yes TJJ fraid of black devils!

Right behind the oil band was the Mud Band. As much as we tried to stay clean, the Mud Band was calling we name. The vibe was sweet, the music was loud, and de people look like dey having dutty stinkin fun. So we jumped in ... bam bam first! It seemed like the more fun we had, the dirtier we got. ;-) People were jumping & carrying on bad ... we see one woman bent over wit she bamsee up, wining 3 fellas one time. Fasten yuh seat belt fellas, looks like its going to be a bumpy ride cos DJ Golden Touch & Andy Mix playin Soca dat geh de women bazodie. Whaaay, look commess ... yes it was carnival time!

Mud Band was one of the last bands, so towards the end, a lot of the other masqueraders joined the fun ... people from Paint, Oil, Rascals (to name a few) were jumping, getting dirty in mud. We even bounce up with other TJJ Crew who played with Rascals.

Right in the heat of things, the music stopped, it was time to head back home, but TJJ & crew ain't ready yet. We found a steel pan section & we were chipping to the sweet sounds of steel pan all the way to the end.

Big up to all de rummies in de mud band. Also large up to the Stray Dog crew ... you all were a lot of fun! D from NY, expect a dry cleaning bill from TJJ for one top & one pants!

Next stop, Machel & Xtatik On the Waterfront @ Zanzibar.