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FEDup 2006
Date: Saturday 30th December 2006
Location: The Launch Pad. Chaguaramas. Trinidad
Promotions: ISLANDpeople
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So it's the coming of the end of 2006, and what a year it has been. Filled with many good moments... T&T's presence in the 2006 World Cup is just one good example. As with everything in life though, with the good comes the bad and Trinidad & Tobago has also seen its fair share of bad as well. In fact at times it almost seemed to be overwhelming. With feelings of frustration and tension residing in most Trinibagoians, having an avenue to vent is always a good idea. Sometimes it's a must!! Good news folks, if you all think Santa had finished distributing presents, you were all wrong. ISLANDpeople was giving Trinis one last gift before the year ended. Their last promotional party for 2006 called "FEDup."

The theme "Jus PLANE Fun" was focused on creating the feeling of patrons getting ready to board an airplane and "Flying Out," as we say in Trini. Upon entry patrons were given a lot of cool BWIA paraphernalia such as boarding passes, head seat covers and even drinking glasses. Quick piece of info for those of you who simply oblivious... our National airline know as BWEE (BWIA) will be formally be closing down on the 31st Dec 2006, and will become Caribbean Airlines effective Jan 1st 2007. Visit www.caribbean-airlines.com.

Now, the venue was also a really good choice and we are also certain that it was no coincidence, but there was a huge BWEE jumbo jet parked in the back drop of the party. Now how cool is that!! So folks, if you were fed up all year round, you now got a chance to get away, break away and ease de tension by having "Just Plane Fun!" The promoters also gave a warm tribute to the BWEE peeps. Now although the party was well attended, the crowd didn't pick up until after 1 AM. Also perhaps due to the size of the venue, it made the fairly large crowd seem a bit scattered and sparse in the earlies.

Some of our favourite Soca stars like Machel, Zan and Kernel Roberts along with some of the Xtatik family were on the inside. Oh let's not forget Ataklan and Kees who were also in effect. Never afraid to mix with the crowd, the ladies simply could not get enough of Kees! :-) There was a semi-social kinda vibe in the air at first, but after folks took in some of the 2-4-1 drink specials and mingled for a bit, they soon loosened up. DJs such as Titan, XTC and High Fidelity/Less Than Zero also played a role in helping partygoers to take ah load off.

With the impending arrival of Carnival 2007, they were keeping the night hot with Soca, Soca & more Soca (of course)!! The crowd seemed thrilled and looked like they will definitely be ready to jam in the streets come next season. When the DJ played a medley of Machel Montano's soca hits for C2k7 on the last half hour of the party (around 4:30 AM), no one could resist taking ah last jump up. Perfect way to send folks home! "I ready to fly aye aye... I'm so high, high, high... up in de sky aye aye..... So everybody put yuh flags up, flags up.... everybody hands up... Higher Than High!!!"

In the end, the party turned out nicely.... the ladies looked sexy as always, the guys came bling blinging and the musical selections... entertaining! We will be looking forward to other big things that ISLANDpeople has cooking, not to mention what ISLANDpeople Mas has in stored for the 2k7 Carnival season. Get ready peoples.... hear all the brand new 2007 Soca on our Soca Music page today!