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Foreign Bass Annual Boat Ride 2006
Date: Friday 1st September 2006
Location: Circle Line Cruises, NYC
Promotions: Foreign Bass
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Trini Jungle Juice has been missing a NY Carnival action for years now. So we had to do a bit of homework to see what fetes were jumping off the 2006 Labor Day weekend. We hear a lot of buzz about 'Foreign Base Annual Friday Night Boat Ride'. So we had to check out what the hype was all about first hand. But with tropical storm Ernesto scheduled to make an appearance in NY on Friday at 9pm, the same time the FB Boat Ride was set to sail... we ain't gonna lie, we were well worried!

As a man say, going on a boat in dis weather is like "jumping out of a perfectly good plane"... just doesn't make sense! But TJJ was willing to take one for the team and weather the storm to get you first hand coverage. Anyway, we fightin' the storm to get to Manhattan, windshield wipers in full effect... "rain, rain, go away... we have a boat to catch today!"

TJJ knew we had to be on that boat on time because we hear plenty people get left back every year. So, we reach before the scheduled 8pm boarding time. As we waiting to board, we see tantie walking by... clickety clack... clickety clack... yes, high heels and dressed to impress, with a shower cap on she head! TJJ never see dat one yet! Ernesto was not gonna stop she from fete-ing yes! We doh blame she, it take too much $$$ to get yuh hair fixed these days... and it have to last all weekend!

So its 9pm, and de boat leaving de dock. After we finish waving to de people who get left behind, we walk around, checking out de scene. They were setting up the food, catered by Café Negril, on the 1st floor. Sorry, but we cah comment on the food as we had to take a pass and head upstairs where de real action wuz. And you know TJJ iz all about action!

De boat ram jam wid people, yes! De crowd upstairs look like dey ready to have a good time. Nice vibes all de way! Foreign Base outta NY and Blackberry Sound Crew outta Toronto doh make joke! Dey lick up some sweet sounds and had de people going mad. Despite Ernesto blowin' rain in from de outside, de place Hot! Hot! Hot! We had to take our trusted TJJ fete-meter out and check. Yes, it readin' 120 Degrees Fahrenheit... nice, jus de way we like it!

At some point de boat was rocking real hard... thanks to the DJs on de inside and Ernesto on the outside. So this female TJJ rep had to strategically plant herself between two strongmen, one in front and another behind, this way we felt secure enough to continue taking pics without losing balance. Plus, why not take a little wine in between, cause we all know what all work and no play does!

We see ah man with one hand on a girl's waist (we not mentioning any names), while holding on to de wood plank on the boat ceiling. De wine must have been so sweet that as he going down low, he pulled off de wood plank from the people boat and it hit his bredren's head. De man put de wood plank on de side and continued to wine one time. When party done, we see de man and his bredren get pliers and fix de ceiling, yes! You see what man does go through for a wine???!!! LOL. Check out de end of the pics to see the men repair work... real talent!

Big up to Soca artist Ragga who was on deck, TJJ loves your tune "Right up in there". Also in de place having a time was now Toronto based Soca artist Sir Anslem Douglas and DJ Back to Basics. Thanks to Foreign Base for showing TJJ love. We had a great time. The boat ride will definitely be on our must return fete for next year.