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IslandVybz 6th Annual Mid Night Boat Ride
Date: Friday July 28th 2006
On Board: River Gambler, Toronto
Promotions: IslandVbyz
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So TJJ arrives to IslandVybz's Annual Mid Night Boat Ride at the River Gambler off the Queen's Quay at around 11pm and all partygoers were outside jus chillin' in de parking lot waiting to board de ship to get their drink on and start de jammin' to Roy Cape Kaiso All Stars, de featured act for the nite.

At minutes to 12, it was announced dat in 15 mins everyone should board and so de eager patrons listened. Upon entering, the feters were greeted to the music of Soca Vibes and as soon as they step foot onto de boat everyone start chippin and havin a grand time, savoring every moment.

As we set sail, we soon realize dat yes, dis go be a nice one cause de boat was raammmmm with pure nice people. When ah say nice, ah mean niiiiiicceeeeee, both young and old came to have ah nice time. Soca Sweetness came on wid his magic fingers and do what he does best, jus jammm de sweetness in yuh pwefffin of course and oh gosh, he was definitely preparing us for Roy Cape. De dancing and music all took place on de first level and IslandVybez had to bring de food, so de GOOD food was on the second level and if yuh see de line, lawwwd. Music, drinks, dancing, water, Roy Cape All Stars... what more can you ask for??!!

At about 2 o'clock, Roy Cape and his band blesses us wid their presence and den just started de jam session. Blaxx, appeared first singing tunes like "Never Know," den Rita Jones... and of course all de man dem had to stop and say "dammmmmn" cause she reaallll sweet and ting, den dey get back into de groove of tings and continued to jam. De band performed everyone's favorite, from de oca to de reggae. Dey run chunes from Shurwayne's "Dead or Alive" dat mash de boat up from everyone stompin and jumpin, to Machel's "Scandalous". Den to de reggae, Marlon Asher's "Ganja Planter," to Baby Cham's "Ghetto Story," dat had de patrons bussin out RAAHHH, RAAHHH, RAAHHH, well yessss! But den de band buss out their sensitive side by performing hits from Ne-Yo... "I'm so sick of those love songs," and had de lovers on de boat huggin' up and de rest of the patrons swayin' and ting.

Yes Roy Cape does it again, brought de horns and ting, lawwwwd it was sweet and pure nice vibez on de water. The band performed for like a good 45 mins followed by Soca Sweetness again bringing de ole and house music for the old and wise, showing his versatility again by not only jamming de soca and reggae music as we partied our way back to de docks. Everyone came off de boat sayin', "Yessss, dat was niiiceeee eh! Oh gosssshhhh dat was nice!"

Dis is Kam Kam and Sachsquash, signing off for TJJ.