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Jungle Wet Fete 2006
Date: Saturday 2nd September 2006
Location: Rum Jungle. Richmond Hill, NY
Promotions: JMC Entertainment Inc, Rum Jungle, & WIN TV
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It's Labor Day Saturday and there was no question where the Trini Jungle Juice team was going for our day fete choice... Jungle Wet Fete "The Ultimate Rainforest Experience"! Featuring a star-studded cast of Machel Montano and Xtatik, The Alison Hinds Show, Rupee and The Dot.com Band and Adesh Samaroo, dis fete was de place to be! When last was Machel in Queens??!! On top of that, they have Dr. Jay de Soca Prince outta Toronto holding down the musical vibes and DJ Spread Love Bobby hosting the show... we say no more.

Now Hurricane Ernesto was trying hard to cause everything to cancel for the Labor Day weekend, but the promoters were smart to change from the outdoors 'Reserve' venue to the indoors 'Rum Jungle' nightclub earlier in the week. We mean, yeah it's ah "Wet Fete", but geeeezannn, no one requested ah tropical storm or hurricane... ah lil' water hose will work!! :-) When leaving we yard, we were actually thinking that people might try and stay home because of the rainstorm, but eh eh... people still came out. Hot or cold, sun or rain... Caribbean people really doh play when it comes to feteing eh??!!

With all the bad weather, showtime got pushed back (and we mean pushed back) from the original scheduled time of 5pm. So brapppps, we land in the Rum Jungle about 9pm and had jus missed the Reggae All Stars. Yeah man, Prophet Benjamin, Million Voice, Levi Myaz, Jah Bami, Mr King and crew were in the building!!! How come no one tell we bout this ahead of time??!!! So the early crowd got some extra treats... like Halloween come early!

Not long after, chutney star boy Adesh Samaroo direct from Trinidad blessed the stage. He sang all his big tunes like "Rum Till I Die" and "Rajin Jeem Jeem Jooma", but it's after giving his freestlye then bussin' "Caroni Close Down" that he bring down de house and mash up de place. And you know how Queen's love up their chutney music!

So who performing next? Alison Hinds or Rupee? Ehhhhhh, wrong... the man with de big truck was on next. Xtatik was also performing at Alternative Concept NY later on, so with no time to waste... GET ... GET ... GET ... GET DELIRIOUS!! Xtatik gave a great performance and the way the crowd reacted to the band was amazing!! When we say we saw flags in the air, we not talkin' just the first two rows, we talking all the way back! And not jus' Trini flags either, there was Guyanese flags, Bajan flags, Western Union flags (wait, that ent no country!! haha) and all kinda flags... all one Caribbean love! When Patrice Roberts stepped on the stage and sang out "When allya arruving... to the island..." well iz now the crowd start to get on bad. And forget about it, when she came back on to perform 2006 Road March hit "Band of The Year" with Machel towards the end of the band's performance, the crowd went wild! Large up we boy Zan, who also gave a great performance. "Pumpin' up... everybody pumpin' up... it's like The Heart of A Man we pumpin'..." As usual, Machel & Xtatik band (Farmer Nappy we ent forget about ya) sang their hearts out and had the crowd in a frenzy! At one point, Dr. Jay and us looked and each other and agreed, "You carrrr fight it!"

The crowd maintained a nice hype while Dr. Jay played until Alison Hinds and her band came on. Then the Alison Hinds Show began. Her two sexy dancers kept the crowd entertained, but the crowd did mellow a little compared to Xtatik's performance. But that was only until her sexy male Bajan dancer came on. When we say de man have a six-pack, we mean you can count one... two... three... four... five... six abs, and TJJ's female Reps will vouch that each and every one of the six abs were looking mmmm... mmmm... good! Almost as good as those chicken wings and phoulorie (people do not visit the Rum Jungle and not order some food... trust us) we ate earlier!! Now we can't say we particularly loved the grand finale where he dress like a monkey but hey, the crowd seemed to like it. What we can say is after seeing that headstand wine he put down on Alison, is dddyyyyyaaaammmmmm that boy can wine!!!!!

We cannot continue this review without making mention of this good-looking crowd. There were beautiful women everywhere and and the female TJJ reps were not disappointed either! Also, MTV TEMPO was on the inside promoting our culture. Look out for some positive stuff to come from TEMPO and TJJ! Now this was was TJJ's first time at Rum Jungle, and we were very impressed. Big respect to Raquel, Anita and the entire Rum Jungle fam who really know how to host in style! Thanks for the all access VIP treatment... we'll be back!

We left Rum Jungle around 1:30am with no signs of Rupee, but we had to cover Alternative Concept NY at the Elite Ark over in Brooklyn. We heard afterwards that Rupee did actually perform after 2am. Rupee, you know we luv ya, but TJJ had to keep movin'... places to go, people to see! We are positive that the out-of-towners were more than happy to see you. Big up the "Rupee's Angels" crew we bounced up! On that note, onto the next stop of the night…AC NY 2006. Ernesto, yuh cah hold us down!