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Maïa-K SXM Summer Tour
Date: Friday 11th August 2006
Location: Bliss (Caravanserai Resort - Maho), St. Maarten
Promotions: Heineken Music & Mister T.
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What is a typical night out in St. Maarten, also referred to as the Sin City/Vegas of the Caribbean? Well, TJJ hooked up with some locals to find out for ourselves. First, everyone goes out for dinner to a restaurant overlooking the sea. Most of the restaurants have this kind of ambiance, so these are not hard to come by. Then at about 11pm, everyone moves to a nightclub. In this case, we went to BLISS, currently the most happening spot on the island! Then the whole crew moved over to The Platinum Room... sounds like a strip joint ent? That's because it is!! Although an adult entertainment club, it was more like a bar atmosphere that happened to have some girls dancing topless, so both de boyz and girlz limed there from about 4am to 6am. Interesting enough, the majority of clubbers head over to The Platinum Room for the after party. From there, its onto another night club on the French side of island that lasts until around noon. TJJ just had to take that one on hearsay because we had to go straight from the after party to the airport... so there was no "after party-party" for us this rounds.

So, on to the night at BLISS. Although the nightclub is located on the Dutch side, there were many people that came over from the French side to see Paris' #1 DJ Maïa-K. And buoyyyy can she spin! She had the house rocking to all kinds of vibes - crossing over between House, Drum & Base and Techno. The crowd was really loving her and so were we! Not to mention that she was extremely easy on the eyes as you will see from the pictures. ;-)

Now we cannot leave out a description of the club settings. This has gotta be one of the nicest venues TJJ has ever seen... no lie! The entranceway leads you down this beautiful stone path surrounded by trees and ends up at a bar. To the right of the bar has a pool surrounded by beds and cabanas - you have to see it to appreciate it! And then on the other side of the bar is the dance floor - sounds plain? Well, all of this overlooks the sea - and what a beautiful view! Then there are tables and chairs over looking the sea for when you need to take a five. Most of the club just seem like 100% V.I.P settings. And to top tings off, the club has the biggest high-tech light & sound system in St. Maarten. The owner of this club should be really proud of this wicked creation! Brian thanks for the hospitality. TJJ might have to hold a bashment at BLISS sometime yes. (Look out for more pics showing the ambiance of BLISS in our "TJJ Tours St. Maarten" Globe Trotting gallery posting soon)

The crowd was a nice mix of tourists and locals and everyone was having a good time. Heh, when you get pulled into the pool at a party, you must be having a time! As you can see in the pictures, the crowd was filled with nuff hotties…talk bout plenty of eye candy! Pressure yes.

It was a great night - we met a lot of really fun people, most of them from France. Big Up to everyone that showed TJJ love and hosted us on the night - you are a really fun crew and we hope to lime soon again.