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Phat Black Pussy Cat Wednesdays
Date: Wednesday 23rd August 2006
Location: 51 Degrees, Trinidad
Promotions: The Commission & 51 Degrees
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Well people you all know the scene taking place at 51 Degrees each and every Wednesday... yes, Phat Black Pussy Cat! So Trini Jungle Juice back up in de spot to chill and kick we feet back ah lil' bit. Dat is de kinda vibes that one will experience on de inside.

Well de drinks nice as usual with free Hennessy Cognac cocktails and for those who prefer something else, 2 4 1 specials at the bar. This week's unplugged performance was from The Alternative Quartet. These musicians played selections from all genres of music, even a little Soca! The crowd really seemed to appreciate the performance. We even overheard someone saying, "These guys were worth every penny!" Now besides an enjoyable musical performance, there were some folks that chose to come up and celebrate their birthdays here. Happy B.Day peoples! Apparently this is the spot to be in, so much so that even the Warlord a.k.a Bounty Killer, who was performing on the night at a club in Central, passed through before making way over to his show.

TJJ even caught up with one of our favorite Soca artists, Denise "Saucy Wow" Belfon relaxing on de inside. Folks …all's well that ends well! We gone again.

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