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Rotterdam Carnival 2006
Date: Saturday 29th July 2006
Location: Leuvehoofd, Rotterdam
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The PARADE on July 29th 2006 was HUGE: 16 Queens, 33 decorated floats, 18 bands, 105 roadpieces and 174 bodypieces. Wow, the day after... I'm dead tired. Almost twelve hours of looking at the Carnival, enjoying the music, beer and atmosphere. I'm sure that the last mix of mojitos and caipirinhas broke this camel's back!! ;-)

Summer Carnival is a yearly 3-day Caribbean Carnival in the city centre of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Summer Carnival, similar to the carnival in Rio, is a huge event where at least 1,000,000 visitors come from all over Europe to dance to the latin music and look at the colourful and amazing costumes and floats in the big street parade.

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Summer Carnival has got a lot to offer. For starters you can visit the Summer Carnival pre party on Thursday on the Beach. The next day The Warmig Up/Battle of Drums starts of. On Saturday the big Street Parade emerges in the city centre. At night there is still a lot to see on the two live stages and last but not least you can visit 'La Noche Grande del Carnaval', so you can party on the Brazilian Way until the wee hours. And so you will not forget the most awesome party you've ever been to.

The tropical party in Rotterdam was complete! Not only the 2000 dancing people in the traditional Streetparade enjoyed one of the biggest events in Holland, but also more than 900,000 visitors came to see Summer Carnival! The 3-day event (27, 28, 29 July) was a big hit this year. The weather was sunny and warm, the Parade more beautiful than ever and the atmosphere in Rotterdam was perfect. You missed it? Watch the Summer Carnival tv show at the Dutch Broadcasting Company NPS right here.

Big up to all the Trini Jungle Juice crew that was there... Nothing Hill Carnival here we come! Big Dee out.