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Saldenah Mas-K Club 2006 Band Launch "Mas Jamboree"
Date: Saturday 3rd June 2006
Location: Ramada Hotel (Yorkland Blvd), Toronto
Promotions: Louis Saldenah Mas-K Club
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For those of you that didn't know ... Caribana 2006 will take place as scheduled this year but under new management, a new name and with the assistance of the National Carnival Bands Association of Trinidad and Tobago (NCBA). The Toronto Mas Bands Association (TMBA) has taken over responsibility of Toronto Carnival from the Caribbean Cultural Committee (CCC). Yes, the name of the festival has been changed from "Caribana", which is copyrighted by the CCC, to the "Toronto Caribbean Carnival".

So whether yo refer to it as "Toronto Caribbean Carnival" or "Caribana", it will always be "Caribana" for TJJ. With that said, and Caribana about 2 months off, Trini Jungle Juice was on de scene for another Band Launching. 15-times Band of the Year winner, Louis Saldenah Mas-K Club was showcasing their 2006 Caribana "Mas Jamboree" presentation.

Besides being one of the bigger bands that delivers quality costumes year after year, what we particularly love is the fact that music on the road will be provided by Shurwayne Winchester (2004/2005 Road March Champion, 2006 Groovy and Soca Monarch Champion) and big band Traffik. So you know de jump up will be nice!

For more information, check out Saldenah's website at