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Louis Saldenah Annual Boat Cruise (2006)
Date: Wednesday 2nd August 2006
Location: Enterprise 2000, Toronto
Promotions: Louis Saldenah Mas-K Club
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Summer in Toronto equals nuff boatrides and this time around it was the Annual Saldenah Caribana Boat Cruise aboard the Enterprise 2000. As always TJJ was on time taking in the small lime in the parking lot and although we were to set sail at 7pm, the boat never left till 8:30pm - but it was all good cause if you didn't know it's always about the parking lot lime! You had your usual Saldenah crowd - young and old, both new faces & loyal Saldenah followers.

Once we got going, people bee-lined for the food that was being served while some chose to make more use of the bar making the wait for a drink a little longer than preferred. Nevertheless, the vibe was on and people were ready to party. La Rythmns heated up the deck with their sweet sessions but had to call it quits once the rain started to pour. Now this didn't stop the party inside as DJ's Soca Vibes and Bad Lad spun the latest Soca tunes. At one point the beat switched from Soca to Salsa & Merengue... three words, "OH MY GOODNESS!!" The already hyped crowd went nuts, the fact that everyone was up and dancing we thought we were at Babaluu (downtown nightclub). Around 11pm, partygoers were able to enjoy the performances of both Explainer and Anselm Douglas who took us back in the day with some big tunes... we talkin' about classics like Blue Boy's "Jump and Wave."

Unfortunately this was not the best night for a boat cruise because Toronto was experiencing some serious bad weather. So bad the city was under a severe weather watch... and we on ah boat fetein' – Madness!! Lightning bolts illuminated the sky and the lakefront, occasionally hitting CN Tower's peak... it was quite a spectacle to see the sheet lightning.

Now the boat was rocking like crazy, and we not talking about the waves on the lake... the boat had docked long time and no one even realized fuss the party was in full swing with a wicked ole skool session. The Enterprise 2000 docked just after midnight, and in true West Indian fashion, the party continued in the parking lot!

Much thanks to the Saldenah camp for allowing TJJ to rock the boat with them this Caribana season.

Que Rico out!

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