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Beach House Breakfast Party 2... "Eat, Drink & Make Merry"
Date: Sunday 3rd September 2006
Location: Paerdegat Yatch Club. Brooklyn, NY
Promotions: Soca Web
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For years now Labor Day in New York hasn't really been Labor Day in New York. The pan yards, the backyards til sun burnin' yuh skin, Super Blue grabin' ah mic and jumpin' up on the bar... destroyin' the dance totally unplanned. If yuh was around in them days ah bet yuh pores raise. Well it look like a few promoters tryin to revive the Labor Day dead horse. One such outfit is none other than the Soca Web crew.

Ah doh know when last we pull up to a fete in time to watch the sun rise, in the big apple no less. TJJ roll up in the dance bout 6am, after a hectic weekend so far (Foreign Bass Boat Ride, Jungle Wet Fete, AC NY, Diamond Vale Breakfast Party NY). The Soca Web crew always treats us right, so it was VIP from parking to entrance, to breakfast, to bar. Large up the Soca Web fam everytime! After a rainy weekend it was a pleasant surprise to see the sun finally come out. Soca Web wasted no time in setting up am outdoor bar right on the water and seamlessly moved the sound system outdoor as well without missing a beat.

The breakfast on point as usual. Some Bake and Buljol hit the spot! It was a morning of superb ambiance, good people, good food and Supreme Team and Goodfellas rippin' up the CD machines. It must have been about 3pm before we even started to think about callin it ah day. Thanks Soca Web for taking us back to when labor day in NY was an event not to be missed.

Trini Jungle Juice officially signing out for NY Labor Day 2006!