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TABOO 2006 "The Ultimate Guilty Pleasure" Pt 1
Date: Friday 23rd June 2006
Location: The Broadwater Estate, Maryland
Promotions: Gresham Entertainment
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TJJ Delaware chapter was on it way to DC through hard rain & thunderstorms but we were adamant about giving the people the scoop on DC Carnival. The first order of activity for the weekend was Taboo, an outdoor event held @ Broadwater Estate in Maryland. When we check the weather forecast it said 60% chance of thunderstorm in DC. We were skeptical if the party would be able to survive, but God had other plans for this party.

We arrived shortly after 10:30 pm and the cars were starting to pile in. The traffic was getting somewhat heavy but nothing compared to the jamming that started about 11:30pm. Look at People!! We heard that it took something like 1-2 hours to get into the compound and park. The onslaught took the will call by storm and turn the orderly lines into a frenzy. Caribbean people doh like to line up and that is all we can say about that. Some partygoers wanted to bash the promoter but bit their tongue to TJJ because we would tell the unbiased truth. We guess they know in their heart that the promoter really did put in place as much measures as they could.

We linked up the TJJ DC Crew at the venue and as we walked around the huge estate, we realized how many people were in de place ... If you see people!! Wat? Ah neva see more people in one fete outside Trinidad. At first de crowd was all playin' social & ting but after consuming a few drinks dey started warming up... getting brave, taking a hard wine. Some feters even jumping in de pool with deh party cloth, like dey in a wet fete yes. So the drinks were pouring, the food serving and the weather was holding up well ... the party crowd was in full effect. At some point in the morning, the music system did give some difficulties as the DJs tried to drive the system to its peak to fill the needs of the odd 4000 attendees. But when you have an all star DJ line up like Sprang Intl representin' for DC, Back 2 Basics holding things down for New York and DJ Dane together with Hypa Hoppa on de mic, both direct from Trinidad, u not studying dat... You too busy havin' a damn good time!!

We left the poolside to explore some more. We saw that there were several bar & food stations, but we did not get a chance to eat at this point. However, we did sample a drink or two and it was back to the pool side to catch a little wine. As we making we way to de pool side, we hear Fyyyyyaaaahhhh!!!!!! And the crowd screaming wild!! Wat? Bunji Garlin?? Nah, we run as fast as we could (without spillin' we drink on de camera) to see what was going on. And yes on de mic was D'Fireman himself with his first lady, Faye Ann Lyons. What a nice surprise!!! Bunji & Faye Ann rocked de place bad bad. Just as we thought it couldn't get better, Mr. Machel comes on ... people lost deh mind. It was madness, pure bacchanal. If you see one set ah people taking off deh shirts & jumping on de pool. Whooooy, like Machel have dem bazodee. If we didn't have we camera in hand we would da join de pool scene one time. But no worries, de people poolside were getting on just as bad as de people in de pool. As Rudder say, "Dis is not a fete dis is madness!!!" We see a set ah woman wining down on two or more man!! In Taboo, dat is not ah horn dat is a helping hand!! ;-) Now you asking yourself, "What de jail is 'horn'???"... we jus hope you are one of our Non-Caribbean readers!!! (The Trini dictionary defines a "Horn" - To cheat on your spouse or lover, as in "She horning him like reindeer!") Zan came on & pumped up the crowd with "The Heart of a Man" ... we pumping by de pool ... he he.

Special guest artist Maximus Dan never made it, BUT when you get Bunji Garlin, Faye Ann, Zan and Machel Montano instead, who can complain!!! After dat craziness we had to take a break & cool off. So we walked down to the VIP Tent to check out de scene. The DJs where spinning Soca & Reggae and people were socializing, gapeing, lyricsing, wining, drinking and eating. This is when we decide to take a bite ... and yes the variety of food in de VIP was nice, dey even had oysters. And not too far from dat were the bed tents... do the math! ;-) Anyway, we not goin' to touch dat cos what happens in Taboo must stay in Taboo!

The vibes was on and Taboo set the right pace for DC Carnival. It did get killed when one short tempered and tired security man sprayed some pepper spray to start getting people moving toward the cars. We guess they doh understand the way we Caribbean people linger on in a good lime basking in the vibes of what was awesome feasting, drinking and being merry. As one partygoer say, "Taboo was once again all that, and as soon as tickets go on sale for Taboo 2007 I will be first in line to buy mine." TJJ will see you all next year, but right now it's time to recuperate for the road tomorrow.

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