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The Titan Private Party
Date: Saturday 4th November 2006
Location: Trinidad Country Club. Maraval, Trinidad
Promotions: Titan 'The Art of Entertainment'
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Shhhh don't disturb... unless you got a key to enter The Titan Private Party! Yes folks, Titan 'The Art of Entertainment' hosted a Private Party at their Private Mansion in Maraval. Saturday 4th of November was the date for your key, Trinidad Country Club was the venue for privacy and the Titan family was the people that were going to give you pure ecstasy!!

TJJ arrived at Country Club around 12am. Parking wasn't a problem because this venue was very spacious; there were even 'ushers' to guide you to a good spot. Inward bound; we had to walk through a little hallway with a wooden flooring. Now we could be wrong eh but the flooring in Country Club was a little difficult to walk on (well for the ladies) - if yuh walk to fast u just might be in contact with the ground... hmmm. Also there were banisters to the left - I guess if you decided to be away from the party to chill out lil bit or to take in some fresh air, that was the place to be. And just after the banisters on the right hand side there was a television folks, yes a TV! Not to watch the news, sports or a movie but attached to the TV was a play station - what in heavens name! In a party??!! Hehe... what more Titan's, what more??!! Well, we were going to find out.

Okay the party wasn't at its peak as yet because it was a little after twelve. There was a good size crowd though. A bar was on the right; the DJs for the night were in the middle of the dance floor, on top of what looked like a ramp, with blue lights illuminating either sides the dance floor. The carded DJs on the night were Hi Fidelity/Less than Zero, Associate Degree, Raw Fusion and not leaving out the hosts Gardiner and Razor of the Titan 'The Art of Entertainment' Crew. Everyone was just cool for the hour, 'rocking back', taking ah lil' small sway here and there until the party took a different turn. It was Titan Time!

After 1am, after a few drinks, a little mingling and a little congo line... it was all over! The Titan's came on and tore up the party; tune to excite, tune to unite; tune to wine, tune to grine, back in times, front in times - What?? Hehe - oh gosh tune pon tune!! The dance floor in the middle that was once empty was now full, people were all smiles. The bar was ram packed and people still kept coming in the dance. Now the party wasn't to its full capacity but the people that were there was an acceptable amount. After a while it was as though everybody knew everybody.... niceness fuh so. There were even a couple local celebs, Hans and the Synergy Crew, Soca artist Lil Bitts and the Synergy TV models. TJJ had a ball socializing and doing we paparazzi ting - well you know once ah lil' alco in the system is niceness, everybody who is anybody posing! We knew this party would've been ah decent vibes. Titan Crew, nuff respect. You all continue doing your thing! Thanks letting TJJ pass thru... until next time!