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Diamond Vale Breakfast Party NY
Date: Sunday 3rd September 2006
Location: The Island. Brooklyn, NY
Promotions: Subie & Friends
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Tropical Storm Ernesto was having a huge impact on New York Labor Day weekend. We hear most of the backyard parties were being cancelled but TJJ was not going to go home without ah breakfast party or two!

So, after catching a few ZZZZ's in de car, TJJ moved on to the next stop, The Island for Subie & Friends Breakfast Party. Now, we weren't sure what to expect because ah man pulled up beside our car around 10am and told us that there were more crickets inside de place than people, so we decided to link up the other TJJ crew over at SocaWeb's Beach House Breakfast Party. The flyer for Diamond Vale say de fete starting at 6am but people didn't reach until quite 12 noon or so. People, when dey say breakfast party, it means arrive before or close to sunrise!! It ent called "lunch party"??!!

Anyway, we reach back around 1 PM and there was a decent sized crowd inside The Island. First things first, we must mention the cuties at the door... each wearing a red, yellow or green summer dress, HELLO! Big up to Jeanille Bonterre, host of MTV TEMPO's "Downtown Island" on the inside. The venue was set up nice with tents and oriental lanterns. As we reach de bar, we see more pretty gyals in red, yellow or green... one cold Carib please, thank yuh! With drinks in hand, we start making we usual rounds through the crowd. It was nice to see plenty friends and fam of the Jungle, some coming all the way from Toronto, Miami, DC or ATL.

This party was starting to have ah real sweet vibe... reminding us how backyards use to be before ex-mayor Rudy Giuliani screw tings up. DJ Anonymous was playing at first and hyping up the crowd. Nuff respect to Felix and crew! Then Back to Basics came on and buoyyyyy Ricardo was in ah zone with all his mixes as smooth as ah baby's bumsee! He played one serious back-in-times soca set... it was like he could read what the crowd wanted as he kept saying, "Allya think yuh hear chune, doh worry I have plenty more!" Man, he buss real chunes yes!

By 3pm the party was in full swing. We would like to inform the man that told us about the crickets that there was now more people in de fete than crickets!! Haha. If he had taken a nap and come back in de afternoon like everyone else, he woulda had ah time! At times, de people were carrying on so bad that we were eye-ing the 'Resuscitation Kit' behind the bar... jus in case! And when the Donkey song came on, we never see so much different types of donkeys and donkey-riders. Big up to the one-legged donkey-rider... that was truly special! Whoa Donkey... whoa whoa Donkey... we ridin'!! Ohhhhh, yuh know TJJ like ting... how often do you see ah man holding down a wine with ah smallie in his right hand while bussin' up ah piece of KFC with his left??!! De man pull ah George Costanza move from Seinfeld, yes... food and lovin'!

All in all, we had a great time. The crowd was hype, the music was jumpin', the drinks were flowin'... the formula for a real sweet vibe. Subie & Friends were excellent hosts and we would like to thank all for the hospitality. Hope you guys do this again next year because you know TJJ will be there!