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We Havin' Ah Ball ... Thursday Night Band Party
Date: Thursday 22nd June 2006
Location: Zanzibar, Washington DC
Promotions: Rascalz & Klimaxx Entertainment
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Two days before DC Carnival & we driving to Zanzibar in full thunder storm & hail. The storm was so bad that we had to sit in our car for 45 mins until it died down a little. We finally walked in de place at about 1:30 am. We were surprised how many people braved the storm to make it to de fete ... Yes, de fete 'ram jam' wit people! So we quickly found a corner to place our trusted umbrella and headed straight to de dance floor ... no time to waste. You could just feel the energy on the dance floor, people getting on scandalous, not a dry soul in de place. What? It must be Carnival time again!

DJ Hazard provided the sweet tunes & Giselle D'Wassi One was on the mic hyping up the crowd. As hard as it was to stop wining, we knew we had a job to do. So we reluctantly left the dance floor and started taking pics of the scene. We met quite a few people from out of town ... dey say dey does love DC Carnival as much as we do! Nah ... Dey mad or what???!!!

Well after mingling a bit it was back to the dance floor ... yes, yuh know TJJ doh like to stand back & watch, we like to be part of de action! Before we could put down what felt like two wine, the music stop & it was time to go home. This time we decided to leave with out a fight cos we knew we needed to get as much rest as possible b/4 Carnival start. The party continued in our car as we jammed all the way home to the sweet cd the promoters gave out at the fete ... Nice. Big up to Rascalz & Klimaxx for yet another great fete!

Yes tomorrow is another God bless day, and we looking forward to "The Ultimate Guilty Pleasure" TABOO 2006!