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2nd Annual Wednesday On De Roof
Date: Wednesday 2nd August 2006
Location: BUDO Patio Lounge, Downtown Toronto
Promotions: Higher Image
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Wheeee Toronto Caribbean Carnival (Caribana) weekend comin' in full force, and partin' going on real strong, tonight everyone had the opportunity to go to two parties in one night... yes that's right two parties, what we tell yuh, partying real strong! If you went to Saldenah's Boat Cruise earlier on that night all you had to do was bring your ticket stub and only pay $5.00 to continue parting at the 2nd Annual Wednesday on De Roof (some folks call it Soca On De Roof) ... sweet!

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The night started out a little late about 12:30 am ... ahem, no fault of TJJ's this time. Talk about raining cats and dogs, plenty rain at the start of the night, but in true fetin' style, rain wasn't going to stop de party, ah quick fix of moving the party from the roof to the inside of Budo Lounge made everything ready to go.

TJJ was greeted with the pleasant sight of Starting From Scratch (FLOW 93.5 FM) real mashin' up de dance floor... yes we literally mean the dance floor, as he wasn't on de turntable as yet. He was warmin' up, he was real making we feel like 'gehhin on'!!! ... ahem, we mean havin' a great time in true TJJ fashion (haha). So we headed to the bar for a little something to wet the throat, then off to work.

Party was in full swing, with Canada's Most Versatile DJ Court Jester and Canada's #1 Club DJ Starting From Scratch on the ones and twos and Scott Boogie from FLOW 93.5 FM on the M.I.C creating a ton of heat to make yuh forget the rain outside... niceness! Some partygoers looked like they forgot more than the rain, but more like ALL their worries! We tell yuh winin' down on de ground and back up again and down again, well you get the picture... yes good times for all.

TJJ had a great time, it was the best way to pave the way for the weekend, nuff thanks to Higher Image & Jus Blaize for continuing to show TJJ much love. Damn, we guess de corn soup man doh work in de rain!!!! ;-)

Next stop, King & Queen Xtravaganza 2006!

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