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Meet XCLuSV @ The Waterfront
Date: Saturday 5th August 2006
Location: Atlantis Entertainment Complex, Downtown Toronto
Promotions: XLCuSV
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It's Toronto Caribana Saturday and that can only mean one thing...... XCLUSV's 9th Annual mega party at the Atlantis Entertainment Complex! This event was pretty much sold out before the doors opened so we knew it was going to be bananas!! TJJ was at the scene around 11:30 PM and the place was packed with over 1,800 partygoers. Now if you have never been to Atlantis, let us describe it to you. Atlantis is one of the most beautiful venues we have ever seen. It is located on the lake shore, 70 feet above water. There are 4 rooms and a huge roof top patio each playing different types of music. So whatever your vibe is, you are sure to find it here.

Okay so we in the main room.... look at people!!! Toronto's #1 DJs Starting From Scratch (Flow 93.5FM) & D'Bandit were on the ones & twos turning the house out with R&B, Hip Hop, Reggae, Soca & House tunes! This is where TJJ met ah smallie and took a little spin on the revolving dance floor (yes, Atlantis has a revolving dance floor!). Now the beauty of a revolving dance floor is that you can scope de whole scene without having to walk around. Fellas you feel us? And if you see women!! Wow. We thanked de smallie for de dance and decided to explore some more. Ah man cah put all his eggs in one basket right??!! So we walked around to check the vibes in the other rooms. Next stop was the VIP room. Now this is were the ballers with bottles were. We see ah whole set of model type smallies and we plant ourselves in this room for a good amount of time.

But wait it's almost 1:30 AM and we still in VIP??!! OK, so de rest of the TJJ crew had to forcefully pull me from de lady in red, who ah must say was giving ah nice wine and we went to de next room, Nemos. This was more like a lounge, with plenty couples getting comfortable. Okay note to self, must come back with ah smallie before the night is over. ;-) So on to the next room... we walked up the stairs to the Atlantis room. De place was jumping with DJ Smooth B playing old school all night long. Whaaaaat? You know we had to bust a few ole school moves before we head to de next room.

Next stop, de Roof Top. Now we heard the Roof Top had de Island vibe so we had to represent. As we walked up to the roof, we couldn't believe the view... a picture perfect scenery of the Toronto sky line! But we soon forgot about the scenery once we reached the top... people were having ah time with sweet Soca & Reggae played by DJ Court Jester & DJ Chief (both of CIUT 89.5FM World Wide Thursday Morning radio show). People were getting on sooooo bad that the roof top was shaking! Yes it's Caribana after all!... so we jumped in on de fun & got crazy!

With all these rooms & beautiful women we were like kids at a candy store. Sadly all good things must come to an end and at 3:45 AM, TJJ was taking its last slow dance.

Special thanks to the gentlemen of XCLuSV, Mesfun Y Haile & Mike Malcom, for showing us the usual love. We had a damn good time & we will surely be back next Caribana for your 10th Anniversary MM@WW party at Atlantis!

Photos by Lia Haile