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Photos by Lia Haile and Rae
ACNY 2007 : The Alternative Concept New York
Date: Saturday 1st September 2007
Location: Roseland Ballroom. 239 West 52nd St. NYC, NY 10019
Promotions: Dahved Levy Devonish Promotions, Inc., GB:God Bless
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Alright TJJ posse. If you haven't been paying close attention, TJJ school is in session! "Alternative Concept 5" for TnT Carnival'07... TJJ was dey!, "Machel Montano & Friends" at MSG, NYC... TJJ was dey!, Alternative Concept DC... TJJ was dey!, Machel Montano HD in Sweden for "Tune In 2007"... TJJ was dey! Machel Montano & Friends at "Rezzarek Concert" in London... TJJ was dey! Seeing the trend? We following our music and culture globally!! So you know we supporting our boy Machel, and Mr. Vegas is ah hot item right now, so Trini Jungle Juice was front and center for The Alternative Concept New York 2007.

We arrived just as Mr. Vegas was about to set it off. The huge crowd was already warmed up from the selections by Back To Basics and Natural Freaks. Mr. Vegas ripped the mic with all of his hits... soon he lost his shirt and of course, the ladies lost their minds. Next thing we knew, there was a young lady in a white something... we mean a white pum pum shorts and tube top... lawd fadda whey!!! She leggo some watless wining all over Mr. Vegas and all over de stage. But hold on... a thick sauce, yes a thick ting in ah pum pum shorts ... pressha ... was helped onto the stage and she set up sheself one time. It was a spectacle.... truss!!! With all of the extra drama, Mr. Vegas was on point, his voice was clean and his performance was thoroughly entertaining and fun.

During the intermission the DJ's were in control of the session again. Of course they played my song, "Go Down Low" ... meh thighs are getting a great workout from that song... thanks Zoelah! After jamming along to some sweet Soca hits, Machel was set to come on. As usual the screaming was ear-piercing. Well you know our boy doh waste no time! He went in! Hit after hit! People were wining and waving and jumping like they have never seen him before!! We spotted some repeat offenders in the front lines taking the jamming like seasoned veterans! It's all good, it's all love.

Machel, Zan, Patrice Roberts and Benjai's high energy performances were spectacular as usual. We are starting to believe that they are from Mars or something! Patrice looked so cute and trendy as she hit us with "Assume The Position", her latest hit. Benjai... yuh good!!! Ah don't know what buggin' the woman either??!! ;-)

Hey, let's talk about the surprise guests. Walker, Lil Vicious, Alison Hinds and meh boy Busta Rhymes!!! Hear nah, ah nearly lost it when Busta came out (photo). Ah thought the man just limin', meh ain't know he was going to rip the stage up!! Lawd! Any fans out there of the Leaders of the New School? Ah know, that took y'all back huh? That is how long I've loved Busta's wicked style.

Hey ACNY 2007 was very enjoyable. The vibe was just cool and exciting at the same time. Caribbean concerts are stepping up their game for sure and Devonish Promotions Inc. is leading the pack. Thanks to Dahved Levy, GB God Bless and crew for having TJJ on the scene again.

Rae for the TJJ fam

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