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NYCV Afterglow 2007
Date: Monday 3rd September 2007
Location: Undisclosed Backyard. Brooklyn, NY
Promotions: NY Caribbean Vibes (NYCV)
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I was late for de NYC Labor Day festivities, but after what feel like a whole day and night event on Saturday wit all dem day into night fetes, ah was good. So driving away from de Eastern Parkway... ah wasn’t sure if ah wanted tuh party again. However de TJJ congregation decide to assemble once more after missing each other for most of de Parade. Ah must say dat I was also intrigued by de name of de fete to begin with, dat and ah is a "Party Animal".... no sleep ah tall!

Rolling in unusually late cause ah all de traffic on z way, de amiability dat we encountered was true bliss. Is was like NY Caribbean Vibes dun know what dey had, and wanted to make sure dat TJJ show de rest of de world... including London?

How much times you does hear party with a difference? Well Ram Dass, have no choice but to do de same wit de cliché. Arriving post twilight, we witnessed de "Afterglow" as de party was rightfully named. Dat glow of refulgence in the western sky after sunset. Entering on de side of the house, you take what felt like a secret passage down to de backyard. Everybody and thing seem to have de same afterglow quality, that quality of sending out rays and no kids, Dr. Ram Dass says no to drugs. But alas it was de black lights! Dat, de white sheets on de walls, de draped Chinese styled paper lanterns across de star lit sky, de Tiki torches and de illuminated banner on de brick wall to remind you that you was in de city!

De vibes was mellow at first, a very social crowd, evident by de well dressed ladies and linen clad men. Of course, once drinks start to pour and man start swaying... and dance competition break out... well, it bring de temperature up to near fete speed. Back to Basics is ah real crowd pleaser. Somehow he dun know that everybody coulda handle a old school mix, and ah not sure if Cameo or Black Sheep get ah bigger forward cause de mature crowd does forward in ah different way. Plenty people in de fete like dey came to NYC for de US Open and stumble across de Caribbean fetes... ah was getting ah "Hornerman's Ball" feeling when smallies left and right telling meh, “you ent see me here eh!”

Big up to all de DC crew. Dr. Ram Dass had to make ah appointment 9 in de morning down in de Nation’s capital... so de TJJ contingent buss de tape @ 30 past midnight. Large up Ziggy Ranking for passin thru and going this ting. Peter & the NYCV fam, thanks for allowing us to pass thru! We will definitely be back to experience de Afterglow next year!

Dr. Ram Dass

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