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Akon Live in Concert
Date: Thursday 12th April 2007
Location: Zen Nightclub. Port-of-Spain, Trinidad
Promotions: Zen
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On Thursday 12th April we went to get a glimpse of the Prince of Senegal, Akon at the Zen nightclub in Port Of Spain. Trinidad had been long in waiting for this show, anticipation on the faces of those in the queue, Akon having had to postpone a show at the same venue in late 2006 due to an accidental injury.

This show was heavily advertised in the media and people responded well as the lines went around both corners in front of Zen when TJJ got there just after 11 PM. There was a solid 12 man African drumming troupe on a stage accompanied by a heavy security operation at the door as Zen's management, Lydia commanded the lead; bustling and formidable as usual.

Once inside it was clear who the sponsors were, with troops of girls in green giving away flashy trinkets and glow sticks. There were also girls in purple advertising “drink specials” which didn’t sound that special. At 11:30 PM the dance was ram but there was still a steady crowd inflow which continued for about yet another hour. Getting a drink did become a bit difficult at a point in time. Big up to the model in the blue attire for the Guinness, you know who you are! ;-)

First to appear on stage was the sexy female duet 2'Ntrigue, who were rumored to be doing a collaboration with Akon. They rapped, they sang, they danced, they did it all. Well we don’t know where they have been hiding those hottie dancers, but they looked and sounded fresh and well put together.

Then after some more teasing by the MC, Benny D (Akon’s DJ) came on with his outrageous Mohawk hair style . He dropped a couple of recent Hip Hop and Dancehall hits, a little Soca and even some Zouk to warm up the crowd. Then after much long talk, Akon came on to a huge cheer and applause. He sang 5 or 6 of his more popular songs as members of the audience also joined in. After that he then invited some girls on stage, putting out a challenge to them to see if any of them could take the crown from the reigning international winner (Africa).

After all the elimination rounds were over, the winner then got the surprising news that Akon was Africa. So it was 'Africa vs. Trinidad'. They both tried to out do each other in an attempt to win the favor of the crowd, but no matter what Akon did, the audience kept strong support for Miss Trinidad. Bearing this in mind, it was now Akon's turn once again and he went all out.... and we not joking when we say all out! It was some serious dirty dancing in club Zen!! While most folks went wild, some were taken back by Akon's simulated sex dance. Little did everyone know at the time that this entertaining and fun contest would blow up in their faces the very next day as an amateur video made its way to the internet. Now, if you living under a rock (or depend on TJJ to keep you up to de time), we'll summarize.... the girl Akon was dry humping (which apparently he does to women at many of his shows), was identified as young Danah Alleyne, a 14-year old pastor's daughter! Need we say more? Yes, more Y&R dramas in lil TnT!! The story was featured in all local news and even in the US on VH1's "Best Week Ever" series for the week ending April 27th. So, in staying out of the "baw-ball", TJJ have decided to not post any photos featuring young Miss Alleyne. It might be featured on our "Too Hot for TriniJungleJuice.com Xmas DVD"! LOL.

Okay, back to the review. In wrapping up his performance, Akon then lip synched his way through the crowd on his bodyguards’ back, like a true African prince. Afterward Akon's performance, the party fell back into the hands of the house DJ who took the crowd through some back in times Dub and Dancehall with some fiddy cent (50 Cent) being thrown in for good measure. Up in the VIP, the models and the glitterati did it to Reggae and a Trance combo. We out folks...