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Amnesia "The Evolution"
Date: Sunday 2nd September 2007
Location: 185 Lott Street. Brooklyn, NY
Promotions: Gameface
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Amnesia is an event that a lot of folks look forward to for the NY Labor Day weekend. It's a who's who event of sorts and TJJ was in full force. It was a morning (breakfast included for all the early birds) into evening event (6AM-6PM) so there were lots of ladies dressed comfortably chic and cute and the men apparently got the same memo. When we arrived, the vibe felt like there was no way in heck you could not have a great time. It felt like an old school backyard fete, complete with huge trees. We had a blast, shooting and linking up with peeps, taking ah lil' drink. All the usual social stuff.

It was such a pleasure covering this event because everyone was having such a fabulous time and hamming it up for our cameras. Drinks were flowing in abundance... we never saw so many setups yet!!! You really had to watch your step, fuss the backyard was ram. We mus mention the sexy Amnesia body painted girls (photo) that added that extra sumting sumting to the fete... we know the fellas appreciated you all!!

Surprise guest artists Ziggy Rankin and 3 Canal performed their hits to the appreciative crowd. There was also another celebrity sighting, Jamaal Magloire (NBA ball player) towering over everyone (photo), was seen enjoying himself, sipping on a lil' sumting.

The music was FYAH!!! Hypa Hoppa direct from Trinidad (via London's Notting Hill Carnival a week before) alongside selector Kay Gee, Natural Freaks, Freeks 4 Soca and Madd Vybez with DJ Stephen from ATL had the Amnesia crowd jamming non stop! Of course, without question, Zoelah's "Go Down Low" had the whole fete wining down to the ground... and we've had plenty practice over the weekend! ;-)

Hey, no complaints here.... Gameface, you guys did it again!!! Wicked fete!!! And thanks for the extra fetting time. We'll definitely see you next year! The night's still young folks.... time to see what's poppin' at Subie & Friends fete over at the Island.

Rae for the TJJ fam

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