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Bacchanal Wednesday Miami 2007
Date: Wednesday 3rd October 2007
Location: The Castle. 41 NW 20th St. Miami FL
Promotions: Generation X, Party People, Isle of Rhumb
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Seems like Miami is developing into a tru true major Carnival.... i.e. a full strong week of parties leading right up to de parade. Miami Carnival is becoming de kind of event people does take de week off for. Of course TJJ is dedicated to seeing that goal achieved, and judging from de number of people that had fly in for de Carnival, is just a matter of time. So with that in mind dis boy scout rush down to South Florida Wednesday night for de opening Gala of the last stop in the TJJ 2007 Fetalotathon®.

After making 2 wrong turns to other fetes... that's right ah hit 2 spots on a Wednesday night before I reach where my duties lay... yet another sign of de growth of de Carnival. Ah had to call de TJJ main offices @ 1:30am to have correk info and directions dispatched. Working in de field is never easy! So we roll into de Castle around 2am and to great relief we didn't have to deal with any parking fees or sprangers trying to sell us bicycle tubes or jumper cables.

Gen X is like TJJ extended family so it ent take us too long to move from de line to warming up by de bar. All de celebrity NYC, DC and Miami DJs was already in the house, ah sigh that you're in de right place. Back To Basics was bringing de usual nice vibes.

Not too long after we reach it was time for de parade of de bands. I didn't know but it was a bit of a costume display, which was a good thing. Authentic long time Carnival costumes, with a Sailor and Midnight Robber and ting and ting. De show had de paparazzi busy. These people turn out to be de life of de party and had everybody fully entertained as they was wining and getting on wassy all thru de party.

Rounding 3am 'soca jumbies' were still tricking into de party, not ah bad thing. Suffering from either jet lag or exhaustion from de 2 previous fetes we had to buss de tape, not before calling down a dread late hour chicken roti :-)

Notice to all.... this was de first year for this event, and it was well nice. Be sure to look out for Bacchanal Wednesday in MIA next year. This one will be big. Everybody ga be booking tickets early next year, so do fast and doh get left out.

TJJ Boy Scout out

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