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Black and White "Original Sin"
Date: Friday 5th October 2007
Location: The Rhumb Castle. Miami, FL
Promotions: Isle of Rhumb Promotions
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We all know that Trini Jungle Juice is not new to this but true to this... so when Miami Carnival Weekend reach all man jack get dispatch to all kinda fete (Scruples Block-O, Socavivor 7 Int'l Flag Night, Galaxy 2K7 Champs on Fire), and since it was meh night off, the Annual Black & White fete was my choice for the night.

As always TJJ rolled up at a decent hour and things at the gate were well a lil “hectic”, actually it was mass confusion. With a line-up of people literally around the corner, we see even bartenders looking for someone they know to get inside with ICE, so you could imagine the common folk with or without tickets! The TJJ crew barely managed to get on the inside this year. Correction - the TJJ Team scheduled to officially cover this event actually did not get in choosing to simply avoid all the confusion. So it wasn't too long before ah see the TJJ Bat Signal in the sky above The Rhumb Castle to hold things down on the inside. Duty calls... to the Bat Cave!

Once we were on the inside we could see that the vibe was already kickin’ and fetegoers were having ah time. An All-star DJ cast spinning, people wining, and the Trinbago Massive Rhythm Section heating up the place wit dey iron. Oh yes, and how could we forget, the bar was flowing cause it was FREE DRINKS.... all night long!!! Now, when yuh reach to South FL it is expected that some rain must fall and you will get wet in a fete at some point, so as the party began to resemble the ultimate Miami Carnival Friday Fete, a heavy shower blasted down and soaked the crowd for a little over three minutes. And only the ones with expensive hair-dos, nice shoes and who doh like rain, ran inside. Everybody else enjoyed de lil' wetting.... it was the closest thing to air condition that night, yes!

As the night went on, the fortunate crowd was treated to special guest performances by none other than Biggie Irie ("Nah Goin' Home", "Band on Fire") and Peter Ram ("Woman by My Side", "Pumpin'") who held the attention of the audience long enough to keep them jumpin'. Much luv to the Pyramid Entertainment camp outta BIM.

No doubt that the party was nice.... but was it long enough? NO WAY!!! By 4am when the DJ's began to lower the music and the gates started opening, is nuff man vex cause de fete going rel good. Well yuh know Trini's.... nobody moving. And to add fuel to the fire, the Rhythm Section start up de iron.... but was quickly interrupted by the irritable security who took a lot of abuse from the patrons who never made it inside.

Nuff respect to cousin Rhonda who did her best to help out de people. And for the Guyanese crew that stood outside for three hours, at least yuh still get yuh free drinks from Uncle Lyle and Uncle B's cooler.

A well advertised fete, with a growing reputation, it was obvious that the promoters didn't cater for the number of people that showed up because if the police that was on the outside wanted to make some extra money, they could have blocked off the street wit some palm trees and cardboard and charged people to come in. That is to tell you the number of people on the outside that weren't able to get inside the party! It was definitely too small a venue. Black and White Carnival Edition 2k7 definitely scored..... BUT the promoters definitely need to plan better for de massives come Miami Carnival 2008!!

Joy Juice

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