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Blueberry Bashment - Vibez Session 5
Date: Friday 27th July 2007
Location: Captain John's Boat - Toronto
Promotions: M.A.C Productions & Renegade Squad
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One more week to go before Caribana so allyuh should already know what that means.... so it's Friday night and ah jus reach Captain John's for the return of the highly anticipated Blueberry Bashment ~ Vibez Session V. Now we celebrating their 5 year anniversary all brought to you by M.A.C. Productions and Renegade Squad Entertainment, so is rhel vibes session inside this boat. This event tests yuh to WEAR SOMETHING BLUE ~ so yuh kno all de ladies and fellas had to come correct.

TJJ walked on board just after 11 o'clock and the party was now heatin' up. The line up was not bad at' tall, it seemed like people were now startin' to arrive. All ah could see was ah "sea of blue" as everyone had on some sort of blue attire; whether it was blue earrings or blue sneakers, these people made sure to dress for the event!! Well yuh kno the weather was nice, ah mean one week before Caribana? Of course it HOT!!! Some people were outside on the deck enjoyin' de night while some were vibin' to more big chunes on the inside where there were 3 bars available for their convenience. Put it this way.... regardless of where on de boat yuh was located, there was always ah bar within arm reach!!!!

For the night the DJ's that were rockin' Captain John's like no other were Canada's finest M.A.C. Productions, Renegade Squad, Lindo P, D'Enforcas, Fire Kid Steenie, Legacy Soundcrew, Dyce, Soca Monarchs, Hard Knocks Entertainment and D'Conductor. On the mic, keeping the crowd hype as always we had, Trikki (Renegade Squad), E Man and Future Da Prince. Now anyone that has ever gone to Captain John's will know that if the party on fyah with vibes it get's rhel hot in there..... let's just say it's ah good thing dem girls didn't have a lot on or they woulda been under some serious pressure!!! lol

The party ended jus after 4am with nothing but nice vibes all night.... everybody had ah rhel good time and ah kno for sure that all them fellas enjoyed seein' de ladies in their blue outfits. Now remember that Captain John's doh move, so yuh kno we was rocking it all night!! Ah cyah wait til next year!!!!!!!

Mizz Kayz

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