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Lava Lake... Boat Jam'07
Date: Thursday 2nd August 2007
Location: Captain John's. Toronto
Promotions: Island Style
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Caribana Thursday and that can only mean one thing, Island Style promotions annual BOAT JAM at Captain John's. TJJ arrived after 1 am and was disappointed with de mix up at de door (dey say we not on de list... but eh eh). We were just about to leave and head over to de next spot when the issue was rectified. Anyway, small ting.... jus list TJJ one time for next year, so there's no last minute mix ups.

When we did get in de place, we see de fete is in full swing. D'Enforcas & Soca Monarchs where keeping de crowd rhel hyped up for Bunji Garlin & Fay Ann Lyons. De boat was ram and feters were wining on every inch of de place. And if you see how HOT dis boat was...... lawd, ah sweating now jus thinking about it!

Around 2am, Fay Ann got on de mic and mash up de boat. And, like past years, she jumped on top of de DJ table and put on ah show! At some point she jumped off de table and went right into de middle of de crown."Move, find ah place....... Make Ah Stage, MOVE." De crowd went MAD! Bunji then took over and sang all our favorites. Oh gosh..... people lost their minds, chanting every word of his songs "Fireman, fireman, coming to bun dem". We then see Scarface take de mic and start singing.... ok, now de place is out of control. Even Maximus Dan joined de madness and started playing with de Dj's mixer as Garlin sang.

Ah tell yuh, Bunji & Fay Ann rhel know how to put on ah show! All in all, we had a good time; we will definitely be back next year!

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