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Callaloo 2007 Band Launch "The Conquest of Alexander"
Date: Saturday 12th May 2007
Location: Sin City. Toronto
Promotions: Callaloo Mas Camp
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Batteries charged and camera packed up.... it was off to another band launch. This round would be Marlon Singh's Callaloo 2007 Caribana presentation "The Conquest of Alexander". Marking the 10th Anniversary of Callaloo on the Caribana scene, this was surely one not to miss and we knew we had to be right up in the mix. Also, the event was celebrating DJ Riyad 20th anniversary. Big up!

TJJ arrived at the spacious Sin City around 11:30pm and the fete was just getting started. This was quite surprising as it was FREE admission before 11pm, but then again we iz West Indian. As always we headed to the bar to scope out the scene and although resident DJ's & MC S.K.F were doing a good job of lickin down some big tunes, most of the fetegoers chilled on the outskirts with the anticipation of the parade of costumes. Now before all that could take place Toronto's own, Farm P made a special appearance signing his popular "Tan Tan" and "Horn Man".

Hosted by Mercedes it was time for what we were all there for - the presentation of costumes. Around 1am the sections were revealed to the crowd, each with it's own unique twist to the theme of the band. Registration & section information will be available soon on

Once the presentation was over, many fetegoers chose to leave and we were left wondering if it was because of the no-show of many advertised artists (Blazer Dan, Ghetto Flex and Ajala) or if they only came to see the costumes? Hummmm. Nevertheless, TJJ had a cool time. Look out for this band on the road ~ it's surely not one to disappoint! Thanks for having us Marlon, and congrats on 10 BIG years in the business.

-- TRW

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