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Photos by Emm Jennings
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Canada vs Ireland Warm-Up Match
Date: Thursday 8th March 2007
Location: Sir Frank Worrell Grounds (UWI). St. Augustine, Trinidad
Promotions: International Cricket Council (ICC)

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Back at Sir Worrell Grounds.... Canada was already bowled out with 119 runs. They were at lunch when I arrived; but the players from Ireland came out of their lunch quarters to see the school children who came to the match.

The Irish signed autographs and took photographs, which made the school children's gleeful on such a beaming hot day. Not a nice sun shining day..... nah ah hot, overcast, steaming, beaming day!! Already upset of the ridiculous prices of everything to put in your mouth, Ireland came on to bat and crushed Canada with & extra wickets to go. Now I don't know if Canada was serious but they didn't play with any intensity nor deliverance; they were just plain lazy (u know what maybe it was because of that hot beaming day, sorry we know you'll just come from the cold).

Today the supporters were there for Canada. But seemingly upset about Canada's lack of enthusiasm of the game, the supporters began to discuss high prices for food and drinks. The match was over by 3:30pm, great an early day. Now all the good games are in Jamaica.... we bid for the crappy matches. Oh well, $18TT for a Stag, I might have to administer a 2 beer per game limit for meh self, yes! LOL

Peace Keyz