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Caribana Parade 2007
Date: Saturday 4th August 2007
Location: CNE Stadium to Lakeshore Blvd. Toronto
Promotions: Festival Management Committee
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Tis was the season to "wine an behave rude" and the Toronto Caribana parade was no different. Being Toronto's 40th... yes we said 40th Caribana, all bands came out in full force and it's safe to say ah good time was had by all. This year everyone held their breath to see if the reigning champs Carnival Nationz would claim their 3rd straight win, but it was not to be, as new comer Toronto Revellers (Jamaal Magloire) stole the title leaving them with 3rd place. Despite their 3rd place win we must give props to the Carnival Nationz Team for winning the other most coveted titles, King & Queen.

Congratulations to all the mas camps, we look forward to see you on the road next year. Folks, if you haven't had the Toronto Caribana experience, doh stick for 2008!

Here are the results for Band of The Year:
1. 'Viva Las Vegas' - Jamaal Magloire (Toronto Revellers)
2. 'Rainforest' - Louis Saldenah (Saldenah Mas-K Club)
3. 'The Big Top' - Curtis Eustace (Carnival Nationz)
4. 'La Petit Monde' - Errol Achue (Mas Toronto)
5. 'Conquest of Alexander' - Marlon Singh (Callaloo)
6. 'Fusion' - Mervyn Skeete (Toronto Caribbean Connection)
7. 'Quest for Gold' - Arnold Hughes (Arnold Hughes & Associates)
8. 'Rhythm of Life' - Jessie Matthews (The Calabash Co.)

Sachsquash & Mizz Kayz

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