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Carnival Nationz 2K7 Band Launch "The Big Top"
Date: Saturday 26th May 2007
Location: Next Level (The Docks). Toronto
Promotions: Carnival Nationz Mas Band
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How come all of a sudden all we feel like eating is popcorn, cotton candy and fresh peanuts? And all we feel like doing is riding three wheel bicycles.... well not really, but what is obvious is the 'circus fever' which everyone catching. TJJ arrived at The Next Level @ The Docks nightclub about 11:30pm (just after a quick parking lot drinks primer), and the club was already filled with anticipation and excitement over Carnival Nationz Caribana 2k7 presentation "The Big Top".

Spirits were definitely high and very contagious and the crowd was easily hyped with the rocking tunes from DJ’s Soca Sweetness, D'Bandit & Court Jester. Well after 2 ‘hellos’, 3 ‘How ya doings’ an’ 4 ‘small wines’ it was one o’clock and the wait was over, yes The Big Top presentation was upon us... weee! For the masqueraders "The Big Top" offers 11 sections of bright gorgeous colors with each one artistically depicting the circus theme. The sections are, Fire Dancer, Aerialists, Jugglers, Cotton Candy, Siberian Tiger, Lion Tamer, Acrobat, Gypsy, Sexy Clowns, Snake Charmer and Wild Indian. Boy all we could say after that was, "Which one, Which one?" Lawd!!! The crowd went WILD after the display of each section... we wonder which section everyone playin’ in? Humm.

Carnival Nationz (CNz), two time Caribana ‘Band of the Year’ winners are surely on the right path for making a 3-peat for the road. Thanks to Bryce, Dwayne, Curtis and Marcus for allowing TJJ to be apart of "The Big Top" presentation. Good luck guys... the band looks great!!

Registration opens for the band on June 2nd at the Mas Camp on 533 McNicoll. For more information on the band, visit Yuh betta hurry an’ register if yuh don’t want to be left out.


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