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D'Original DC Breakfast Fete 2007
Date: Sunday 24th June 2007
Location: Gallery Restaurant & Lounge. Silver Spring, MD
Promotions: East Coast Entertainment, Thief Head Crew (THC) & Real Production Asylum
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After Alternative Concept DC 2007, TJJ took a lil nap (yes we need sleep too) and was off to D'Original Breakfast Party held by East Coast Entertainment, Thief Head Crew & Real Production Asylum. We got there about 1:30pm and the fete was still warming up, so we headed straight for the food. Mind you, fete is from 6AM to 4PM... West Indian people again!! Steups!! Say wha, there was fry bake and buljol, corn soup and an assortment of pastries on the patio. So we munched down de food while enjoying the back in times Soca that Sound City was blasting from the speakers. At some point they announced on the mic that they were taking the party inside. YES... TIME TO START DE FETE! DJ Hazzard was playing on the inside & we start de jammin one time. Big Shout Out to the V.I. posse.... allyuh real know how to get the party started, yes!

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By now de place had plenty people who came out to have ah time. Now if u looking to be social & stand around looking cute, fraid to bust a sweat... this is definitely not de fete for you. But if you came to get on real bad & dutty then you were in de right place. And by now you know TJJ love to be in de action.... so we good to go! We took ah wine with the V.I crew, then we took ah wine with the Thief Head Crew, and then a next wine with Mrs. Basics & Crew. The fete was one blur of wining... it was wine... after wine... after wine... after wine! And if you see all de different wining positions going on in de place... LAAAAAWD JEEEEEZUS. In the famous words of Rudder, "This is not ah fete, this is MADNESS!" Dey had people flat on de floor, cock up by de bar, sprawl out on de couch, legs flying everywhere ...... NO BEHAVIOR at all, at all! People were losing their heads as Sound City, Back to Basics & Natural Freaks played shot after shot of Soca & Reggae (and we not going to mention dat we lost we camera for a minute in de middle of d action.... sorry Boss Juice).

The next thing we knew, someone placed us by the front of the Soca Train. That Train went rel distance... picking people up every step of the way. We feel it should go in the Guinness Book of Records for de longest Soca Train eva (didn't have time to pull our de measuring tape... but take our word... trusss). And, have you ever heard of a train that can go up and down stairs? Right! People were constantly stopping the train to take a hard wine, but it wasn't too long before someone bawl out "Conductor... lewwe GO nah!" They feel iz a Dollar Van on Flatbush Ave, yes!

Ah, we have to mention Back to Basics signature "Jumbie" dance. It's like he was home all night practicing his moves to Michael Jackson's Thriller video. You know ah man have real skills when he can mix ah chune, come out of de dj booth, wine & get on wild and then go back to de booth to run de next track.... Braaaps.... all dat without missing ah beat.

Great music & fun people is the right formula for a damn good time. Thanks THC, East Coast Entertainment & Real Production Asylum for de love. We had a blast!

p.s. Word is, look out for THC & Friends 2008 DC Carnival Friday event at the Gallery. So de lil' birdy say!

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