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DC Carnival 2007 ... On D'Road Pt 1
Date: Saturday 23rd June 2007
Location: Washington DC
Promotions: DC Caribbean Carnival, Inc. (DCCC)
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On the Road for DC Carnival DID NOT DISAPPOINT in 2007. The masqueraders came out in their numbers and represented their bands, probably not in full strength initially, but the jammers were jammin hell hard to the sweet Soca sounds blasting from the numerous music trucks on the road. And if you wicked enough to get up early in the morning to jump up after ah long night of feting, DJ Wayne and Production Sounds kept masqueraders on their heels and toes....... literally, not giving them any room to take ah rest.

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The beauty of the costume parade, as usual gave the hundreds of spectators something to cheer about, at least until they saw the Rascals Band with their "Jumbies and Angels" presentation. At this point, the spectators were joining the jump up..... imagine we see ah man sitting down in ah spectator chair, sipping on ah lil' Mauby, and ah man come an throw powder all over him, and ah sweet ting in ah Rascals t-shirt come an wine up on him at de same time. Wha yuh think he do? Geh vex? Steups...... iz join de session, yes! Well dat was de vibe from "On De Road". De man ended up jumping in de band, not for long though... de bouncers pick up on him and put him out - BUT not after he geh ah lil' wine!!

As the day progressed, Rascals masqueraders really came out in their numbers and might as well been 'Band of the Year' because every man had at least two bumpers to wine on.... and as usual Back to Basics had the massive crowd eating from the palm of his hands. If he had played a slow tune, people woulda still be jamming.... dat is to tell yuh how sweet it was. And Giselle de Wassy One commanded the mic and kept up de jammin'. And to tell you how sweet it was.... just imagine trying to take ah photo and ah sweet ting (or two... or three) wining on yuh..... real pressure…..wat to do? Pass de camera, right??!!

And as the heat rose, a spectator decided to cool down the jammers with a water hose. Well everyone welcomed that. So if somebody in de band was getting "Cold Sweat", dat cold water really woulda wake them up!! But as the "Angels and Jumbies" rushed to get wet, the Mud Band posse was running away in an attempt to keep their mud on them. A spectacle as usual, the Mud Band brought out the true revelers creating all kinda commess. Even 'Iron Man' uncle Trevor, who started the day off in white, was almost unidentifiable when he next appeared in brown..... covered in mud.

The sights and sounds of DC Carnival maintained their tradition of good people and good music. Much respect to the DC Caribbean Carnival, Inc. (DCCC) and all the promoters as well..... but the people calling for more time "On De Road"!!

When the day died down, the TJJ crew found themselves by Uncle B for some pelau, ah little iron jammin' and a little laughter... looking back on the day's events. So if yuh miss out on DC Carnival this year, start yuh planning for next year!! And if yuh feel yuh ent done jammin' for this year, the TJJ crew will certainly see you at Caribana (Toronto), Crop Over (BIM), Labor Day (NY) and Miami Carnival, right?

Jammin down d road.... and ah wining like ah crazy.... Jammin down d road.... and ah wining with de lady....jammin down de road..... de road ....deeeee roooooad...

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