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De Red Ride... De 5th Annual Wear Red Boat Ride
Date: Tuesday 31st July 2007
Location: The Enterprise 2000. Port of Toronto Pier 35 (Cherry St). Toronto
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Can I say RED RIDE a thousand times or what???? De Red Ride was one of the best boat cruises of the summer..... perfect weather, fete during the week, wicked food, sexy ladies and men, Roy Cape All Stars and wicked DJ’s ... who could ask for anything more?

TJJ arrived at the Port of Toronto (off Cherry St. near the Docks) around 6:45pm and geesh was it hot so we stayed in the car to get as much A/C as we could! Bumping right into Mr. Curtis Blaize and family tryna organize the event as we got out the car, we decided to start takin' photos of the early bird limers outside in the parking lot. And you could see these boat cruisin’ fetters were anxious to start partying!!!

D'Enforcas were getting ready to let dem chunes out and De Farmers Rhythm Section was just playing away, hyping up the folks as they were boarding the boat. You could feel the hype and vibe was just about to get sweeter. Now most of these limers had to start their night off with some rel good food from Island Mix which consisted of my favourite Guyanese style chow mein, fried rice and fried chicken. Ah must say, it tasted GRRRRREAT!!! Compliments to the chef!!!

Ms. C. “Trini” Jacobs is one sexy diva! With her amazing body and her sexy red two piece outfit, she had da men dem going nuts just watching her strut her stuff as Roy Cape All Stars performed. She is a very outgoing and spunky young woman who can rel sing and when performing she had the boat just jamming away. Then there is Blaxx who sang some chunes that had the bumpas up in de air ready to roll it and wine down low!!!

DJ Chief was playing mister 'Shy Guy' running from the camera but we all know his skills..... rocking de Soca from old to new, some good rockas and ol skool. What a hot night! From the second the ladies came in looking fresh to the end of the night, where our hair was fried or just plain wet we had an amazing time on this ride.

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