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DV8 Ultra All Inclusive 2007
Date: Saturday 6th October 2007
Location: Shangri-La. Miami, FL
Promotions: Gresham Entertainment and Friends
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It's Saturday afternoon in the Sunshine State and the final stop on the TJJ Fetalotathon® 2007 Carnival circuit is in full swing. Since the TJJ Blue team landed on Friday night, it's been non stop; we catch 47.2876 minutes somewhere between leaving Bayside Hut Saturday morning, returning the rental for the 3rd time (don't ask). With the first opportunity for sleep at least another 12 hours away, we have to keep the vibes upbeat or else who knows who lawn might start tuh look like a king size mattress. Nuff events to choose from carnival Saturday, so much so that the debate was still raging even while we in the car heading south form Fort Lauderdale. Blue team decides to hit DV8, a new one on the Miami Carnival agenda. There's something about exploring the new ones that adds another dimension to the adventure, especially when yuh feting knowing yuh have to share your experience with the TJJ fam. Of course, there were other factors that influenced our decision. Imagine an invitation only, All Inclusive, Carnival fete and get this... FREE for everyone!!! Also, DV8 was being promoted by the very same guys that give you "TABOO" every DC Carnival. Need we say more?

So we plug the info into the navi and we heading south in the wide body 6 series, thanks Blainos! Parking was a breeze, DV8 arranged to have patrons park in a nearby school lot and supplied a shuttle service to the venue itself. This shuttle arrangement was something we had seen in a couple Trini Carnival fetes this year that turned out to be on the Top 5 Fete list, so we off to a good start. On the shuttle, one smallie decide she must hold seats for her friends who say they on their way, buh wuh d jail is this? Big men on the shuttle and the shuttle ready to leave and you blocking seats on a shuttle that would be back in 5 minutes. Ah think she eventually end up getting off and waiting for the next one anyway. Not too sure why smallie was acting like she now start tuh lime, like it was her first road trip to Bath Tub Derby in Mayaro and we boarding the bus quite in Port Of Spain by d Savannah.

About 2 minutes later, we right outside the dance and shocked to hear Soca music jamming the neighbors hard. Either every neighbor in the dance or they send them all to the Bahamas for the weekend! Liming with the leader of the Tribe, he too was pleasantly surprised by the outdoor atmosphere. How yuh could beat a Saturday afternoon free outdoor All Inclusive in Miami? It was a little dark at the entrance but it didn't take long to get in at all, the door staff was efficient. Once inside, the settings were on point, lots of trees, nice lighting for ambiance and lots of space to party around the pool area. The bar and the food were set up in the back of the venue, so basically you had two limes going on, the bar lime and the party area lime. I doh have tuh tell yuh where the TJJ crew was limin :-) The bar was well staffed and the wait time was negligible. One thing that always adds to the vibe of a good fete is when the bartenders are friendly and enjoying the music along with the partygoers. Even with a few showers here and there, the bartenders remained energetic, and the service was top notch all night. Johnnie stopped walking before the end of the dance, but come nuh man, a free All Inclusive with top notch service, we could give DV8 ah bligh on that one, just this once though! ;-) Oh, coconut water is ah mus!! The food was also top notch, well presented and the food staff was excellent as well.

The dance was carded to go until 12 midnight; the buzz throughout the fete was everybody hitting FRIENDS right after, the vibes was so nice people was planning the next move to keep it going. It was a plan that turned out to be the best 1-2 punch in Carnival limes in many many years and several continents. The lime in DV8 was excellent and the dance really started to swing by the time Jugglers and Hoppie took the set. We saw DJ Sprang from DC in the dance as well, but we not sure if he took the controls at any point. So it's left to be seen what the next phase for DV8 is. Will it become a pay fete for 2008? Will it be at the same venue? I guess only time will tell. What we know for sure, is that we definitely made a good decision choosing to hit DV8! We will be in the house next year for this one for sure. Thanks for inviting us Gresham and Friends, this one definitely has classic written all over it!

The Party Appraiser aka Sigma Juice for the TJJ fam.

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