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IGNITE... Your D.C. Carnival Experience
Date: Thursday 21st June 2007
Location: Ocean Drive. 11230 Grandview Ave. Silver Spring, Maryland
Promotions: TRIBE in collaboration with Basement Knok'ers
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Party on a school night! Waaay! Dat is my style.... Dr. Ram Dass going U.W.I Thursday night before maxi drivers even know that Coconuts was a club. So after ah pass thru a combination of 5 bars, lounges, roof tops and pubs in de warm up, ah finally reach de Ocean Drive nightclub. I couldn't decide if meh head was so bad or if de club was de bat cave cause we must be drive pass de place bout 5 times before we find it.... and ah ent like looking loss after midnight, with drinks in meh head and car (after all we not in Kansas no more).

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So braps.... TJJ land. Ample parking... check, free parking... check, TRIBE & Basement Knok'ers showing love for de Dr... check, one setta people looking for de Juice... check! So ah had was to take meh back pack off and load de image capture'er.... allya say, "Chenette!" Look and sound like Sprang International was in de house.... but I was in shock, cause even though is real chunes and ah feelin de vibez... thanks to de Trini libby massive n crew, it still had real elbow room in de club.

So ah gone to z bar... buh a... a... de ting like yuh stan up in de Savannah tryin' and thread a needle. One small, small bar in de corner of de club and to make matters worse, it up bout 3 stairs and corner off with a balcony railing.... basically drinks is real headaches, and de party now start.

So ah trottin around vibzin de dance and it fall on me like ah soggy blanket, "Tonight is DC Carnival Thursday.... and plenty ah these people come from far and wide to party fuh de weekend." So when mankind trapsin thru de door all kinda 1:30 in de morning on a Thursday night, I ent studyin' it no more, dat come like normal. Although I is a DC local and de boss expecting to see my smile 9am sharp... so ah breathe a sigh of relief to turn around and notice dat de party gone wild and full up, so is now ah have to watch meh step, so dat when ah bounce into smallies is by choice, and not a fumbled step.

Now de talk is dat TRIBE link up with de Basement Knok'ers for the very first TRIBE event beyond Trinidad & Tobago's shores.... and that must be where de social crowd come from? You know, de kind that we does identify as sharply dressed, small wining near a wall or a corner where de speakers not blatantly angled towards. De kind that does like to flam and ear whispering to smallies whole night! Well yes, dey was in de house... same time ya had ya Soca die hard crew and crew who whole down de center floor and wining like is J'Ouvert Morning.

Every night ya does see something and learn something new, I just need ah mattress and a smallie with ambition to try what I see dem people doing. Allya stop it, de Ram Dass not like dat (all de time)..... de mattress is to brace meh fall when ah practicing throwing she up on meh head! ;-)

When 2 o'clock was running by, ah slew ah dub plates wet up de dance and signal dat de Radioactive Sound (Hypa Hoppa & DJ Dane) touch de set. Dance ready again! Ah even get to make out that everybody was drinking Heineken because it had a smallie on de other side of de club selling from out of a massive ice tub.... best way to avoid de bar. If only I knew.... and if only it wasn't a work night. Ah take a last chook and throw meh self out bout 2:30AM, find a near by Mc Donalds (cause it didn't have no corn soup outside) and crawl in meh bed.

Not a bad start to the DC Carnival 2007 weekend. IGNITE has officially joined TJJ's DC Carnival Line Up!

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