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Photos by Natasha Mc & Andre CQ
Int'l Flag Night 2007 .... "Socavivor 7"
Date: Friday 5th October 2007
Location: Bayside Hut. Key Biscayne, FL
Promotions: TriniSouthBoyz, Mixx 96
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It's Scene 4 according to The Ultimate Carnival Adventure "Socavivor 7" schedule.... International Flag Night Jouvert/Block Party, where you come out and represent your country carrying yuh flag or wearing yuh island colours. The TJJ Green team got there at about 2 AM (it's a 10-to-10 fete), and parking was a breeze thanks to the City of Miami Police. For those not fortunate to park in the immediate Bayside Hut car park, the promoters had that covered, providing a shuttle service to take fetters to and from additional parking lots.

The lines for both ticket and non-ticket holders kept moving along, so getting inside was no scene. People from all over the U.S, Europe and the Caribbean came to this event, proudly representing their country with their flag. If you see how many flags from all over de world!! Giselle D' Wassi One, hosted this spectacular outdoor event which was fully loaded some of the hottest Soca and Reggae DJs in the business. Back to Basics, D-Life, Natural Freaks, GB, House Arrest, Pee Wee (Pretty Posse) and Massive B to mention a few. So what's in store for live entertainment? It was a well rounded cast that included El-A-Kru, Red Hot Flames, Shurwayne Winchester, Iwer George with other special guest artists. But the featured presentation was going to be a high definition broadcast.... yes, none other than Machel Montano HD.

At about 4AM, some heavy rain showers came from nowhere, but that did not stop people from jumpin' and wavin' their flags to the sweet sounds of soca. We were then entertained by a lil' dance off contest with ladies reppin' their Caribbean island... Barbados, Antigua, Haiti, TnT and DR all in the mix. All participating dancers received a VIP bracelet to attend the remaining Socavivor 7 events. Now while all the dancing going on, outta de blue a man decided to dive off the stage into the crowd. Brrraaaaaaps.... the man end up on the ground, and music stop. We swear someone hit de fella with a serious bull pistol, because the man spring up from the ground still jumping and dancing.... without any music playing mind you! Wowie. After that piece of drama, de security and promoters began scrambling a lil', and then a new rule was enforced limiting access on the main stage.

Under the Hut was where all our Jamaican massive were dancing to the sounds of reggae/dancehall, while sheltering from the rain. 6AM and the TJJ Red team arrived on the scene direct from Scruples Block-O. The timing couldn't be more perfect as Machel Montano and his HD band were ready to perform. As soon as Machel got on stage and started greeting the crowd, a woman in front, pull Machel’s flag from his pants causing his pants to rip. So, all of de women vultures were trying to sneak ah peek every time Machel began to wine down low. Hehe. However, that did not stop Machel. When singing sensation Patrice Roberts took the stage, he quickly changed into another pants. Talk bout being prepared.... 10 points for dat!

When Machel began singing “Higher than High”, the crowd began tuh get on bad almost breaking down the barricades in front of the stage. Both Zan and Benjai accompanied Machel, and Benjai's "Movin Yuh" and Machel's "Down D Road" - both on the same riddim - were well received by the Socavivor crowd. We mus mention how sexy Patrice Roberts looked; her style of dress is getting sexier and sexier everytime we see her. And of course, we all assumed de position to her big, big tune "Assume The Position (Wukkin Up)". It was TNT Insomnia'07 vibes all over again, as we watched the sun rise with the Florida waters in the backdrop.

At 7:37AM (to be precise), who we believe was the same super hero that jumped off the stage earlier, went airborne again (photo). All we saw was a sea of people part like Moses and the Red Sea, and the poor fella biting hard concrete! OUCH!! Everyone was in serious awe, including Machel and his entire band, as we all watched this man almost immediately bounce off the ground, and run back to his crew. "Bredrin, yuh hurt?... Anyting broken?.... Yuh still have all yuh teeth?", Machel asked in a concerned voice. Before yuh could say boo, de bredrin was back on stage - with a slightly bleeding hand and all - ready to fly again! So, Machel amp'd the crowd to "Jumbie", and ensured that this time folks were going to be dey to catch brudder man. RAAAAAHHHHH.... Jumbie, Jumbie dem..... and then it was OUTTA BODY for the solider who took flight for the final time at Socavivor (see photos 126 to 133 for full sequence).

After HD's performance, MC Redman announced two Road March winners for 2007 to the stage. Grenada's Berbice and St. Vincent's Problem Child sang "Traffic" and "Party Animal" respectively to close off the show. We mingled for a lil' with the celebs backstage, while drinking some cold Coronas that went down like some ice cold water (photo), fuss the sun was started to take toll. A few more hello's and good-bye's and it was time to bounce de starter. Oh cheups, you got to be kiddin' .... flat tire in we backside.... back to the rental company (another story for de books)!

P.S.I (Party Scene Investigation) Juice and Chooks for the TJJ fam.

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