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IslandVybz 7th Annual Mid Night Boat Ride
Date: Friday 27th July 2007
On Board: River Gambler, Toronto
Promotions: IslandVybz
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IslandVybz 7th Annual Midnight Boat Cruise is a boat ride you definitely want to attend. As everyone boarded the River Gambler located on the Queen's Quay (a lil' past the Guvernment nightclub), we were being summoned on the boat quickly as there was ah frenzy of people with tickets in hand ready to fete.... and you know TJJ had to be all up in dat!! Eh we want to get our drink on and enjoy the jammin to ROY CAPE too!!!

Once we got sailing, people got prepared to get there bellies full of food that was being served, while some chose to make more use of the bar - making the wait for a drink a little longer than preferred. The vibe was hyped from the get go! The dance floor on the upper level by the DJ section was jam packed with Soca FC soccer members as Soca Sweetness spun tunes out of control!!! Talk bout FIYAAAAAAHH!!!

There was call for some serious rain and thunder and all day we're sure everyone was on their toes about how this boat ride would pan out as none of us wanted to be rained on..... but.... what a night it turned out to be. It was cool and breezy and we couldn't ask for anything better to help suck up all de sweat!!!! As Roy Cape All Stars came to perform we were happy that it was not rhel hot and sticky!!! As Blaxx, the sexy Trini Jacobs and de rest of the band made us move to de left and to de right, the crowd was just gettin' on rhel bad.... wining down low..... some rhel bacchanal, yes!!! They performed Machel's "One More Time" and with dat tune, the ladies were laying out ONE MORE WINEEEEEEE!!! ;-)

Roy Cape All Stars did it again.... and once they finished their performance Soca Sweetness came out with the ol' skool showing all angles of a versatile DJ, and laaawd did he take folks back in time!!! As we left the boat ride, it looked like no one was ready to leave. And did TJJ go home? NAH!!! We took some time to chill and lime in de parking lot til 5am!!!!

On to de Red Ride..... can't wait.....

Sachsquash for the TJJ fam

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