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KOS J'Ouvert 2007
Date: Friday 3rd August 2007
Location: Palazzo Nightclub and Patio. Toronto
Promotions: Kingdom of Soca (KOS) Entertainment
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Geez an agesssss!!!!!! The 12th Annual KOs J'ouvert is finally here and what can ah say?? I'm still kinda speechless because it was MOST DEFINITELY the complete fete in truth. Ah got there just after midnight with ah Redbull in hand because yuh already kno we fetin' til the sun risin'. I anticipated a huge line up with ah rhel long line an ting but to my surprise the line (although long) was moving very efficiently. By de time I got inside, it was like I was de only person missin' in de party.... when ah tell yuh there was rhel people.... there was RHEEEEELLLLLL PEOPLE dred!!!! I have never in my life seen so many people in Palazzo Nightclub, and TJJ has been goin' there for some time now.... trusssss.

Every room was full ah people.... the main room, the patio, the smaller room and the lounge area all had people movin to de vibe. Inside the building representing the T-DOT was our favourite Soca doctor, the one and only Dr. Jay de Soca Prince alongside MarXman, Soca Sweetness, Renegade Squad, D'Enforcas, Jump Up Kingz, Blackberry Soundcrew and DJ Chief. The out of town DJ's that blessed this event consisted of T&T Stylez (Montreal), DJ Spice (NY), Young Chow (NY), Natural Mystic (Orlando), Rick the Ruler (Miami) and Digital (Trinidad). Of course on de mic yuh was hearin de voices of E Man, Dirty Dez and Stretch. And we cyah forget the De Farmer's Rhythm Section who ALWAYS keeps de fete pumpin'.

Now yuh ent hear nothing yet..... de party already kick off and when we began to hear de sweet voices of KES The Band performing "Our Prayer", then Maximus Dan had all the people in start ah "Flag Invasion" and Nadia Batson ("Caribbean Girl") had all the Caribbean girls swaying from left to right. Biggie Irie made sure that we "Nah Goin' Home" til de mornin come (speaking of Biggie's tune... you can catch the Nah Goin' Home music video on TJJ TV today - click here) and Ziggy Ranking ("Love How Yuh Wining") was lovin' how de ladies were wining. Olatunji ("Get Wild") had the crowd gettin' wild, Problem Child ("Party Animal") was vibzin' with the party animal's ~ Oooohhh Ooo, Mr. Chucky ("Turn Around") had us all turnin' around and of course St. Vincent's Zoelah ("Go Down Low") had all the sexy ladies in the house goin' down low!!!!!! Toronto's Farm P was playin' de "Horn Man" while Slammer Cutter was thinkin' "No Scene". Alright now, Roy Cape All Stars with Blaxx jumped up with everyone that got "Dutty" in the mud, powder, paint, water and foam that completed the patio. Ah could honestly say that ah felt like ah was in Trinidad on Carnival Monday mornin' wining down de road for J'Ouvert. People were covered in mud and paint but that didn't stop them from bussin' ah hard wine!! The bars always had people, but ah mean, that was small ting because de vibe was sooooo sweet. Nothin' could take yuh away from de sweet music that was ringin' in yuh ears.

About 5am reach on my watch and people were still fetin'. The patio was now engulfed in mud, paint, powder, water and foam and everyone was luvin' it. The music had everyone on their toes watchin' as de sun came up.... now jus because de sun rise doh mean de party done yet! People then moved from inside to the patio, and from the patio to the parking lot. The Rhythm Section started heatin' tings up as we were all limin under the sun. Ah tell yuh ~ rhel Trini vibes. Ah lil' bit again ah would forgot which Carnival ah was goin' to later..... Trinidad or Toronto? lol

All in all, the vibes were simply INCREDIBLE!!!!!! This was de party ah the century, it definitely makin' history boys and girls!!!!!!!!! KOs J'ouvert 2007 was definitely a tradition like NO OTHER!

Dr. Jay and the KOs family, thanks for for allowing TJJ to share this special night with you guys. We gone again....

Mizz Kayz for the TJJ fam

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