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Legacy 2008 Launch "Passages"
Date: Saturday 13th October 2007
Location: Tsunami/The Anchorage. Chaguaramas, Trinidad
Promotions: Legacy - Big Mike & Friends
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VIP & Media Showing - “Carnival in T&T ... Is so special to all ah we ... Like we need blood in we vain ... That’s how we feel about ... LEGACY!!! Arriving at around 8:30pm, we were greeted with the sound of African drums depicting the rhythms and movement of the African people in celebration, and a celebration it was. The launch of Legacy’s 2K8 Mas Presentation “Passages”. As we entered necklaces were placed around us as appreciation and welcome to this special event. At first we were a little bit “iffy” on the turnout but as the night progressed however, we really saw the support for Big Mike & Friends. It was such a special event that even the President of Trinidad and Tobago, the honourable Maxwell Richards took the time to make an appearance and part take in the festivity.

Now for us a band launch is about 2 things ... the costumes & the fete. So we hit de launch armed with our cameras too bring to you (de unfortunate ones) who missed out, a peek of the night's happenings. Set in an open air location, the masses crowded under the stars to take in the vibes. The presentation began with an extravagant African drum and dance routine that set hearts racing. Then to the beat of the drums the models came out in their “Carnival Tuesday's Bess” to show us what Legacy really meant by “Passages”.

Some of the sections that captivated the crowd for just about over a half hour as Goddess after Goddess made their way on stage and did a little dance were as follows .... Shaka Shaka (Strong Men & Rude Girls Section), Serengeti Safari, Lake Turkana, Semliki Rainforest, Luo Dancers, Okavango Oasis, Royal City of Meroe, The Casbah, Ashanti Gold, Saharan Sunset, Reefs of Hurgada, The White Nile, Moroccan Belly Dancers, Jungle Jungle, Shinezu, Maasai Warriors, Maidens of the Nile, Kingdom of Kush and Dingdaka (D Lion Heart).

Now mind you, Legacy is one of the biggest bands we have seen launched so far. There are a total of 20 sections and all start at a price of $1895.00... not bad at all huh? All sections are All Inclusive, so yes you getting plenty eats and de all you can drink treatment. Now watch how Big Mike caters for everyone ... there are even whole piece costumes available in ALL sections for the ones that don't want to wear ah two piece. So ladies, you have that option, and let us tell you ... de whole pieces looking jus as SEXY as de two pieces!

The Official Launch - After the VIP & Media Showing at Tsunami, there was the official launch at the Anchorage which facilitated viewing to those of the general public which ended in a well received pyrotechnics display. After that, it officially was time to Partay!!! During this time there were several exciting performances that took place.

First up, Blazer Dan did his thing and had the ladies in the front almost fainting on themselves. Next, the man known internationally as Oscar B shook up the crowd with a versatile routine of tunes that had the crowd begging for more. And before we could catch a breath, the local Latin King Lorenzo came an salsa’d de place down. Joining him was Keston Rosales of H20 Phlo whom, with or without the rest of the group definitely had the ladies in a frenzy.

Also passing through were other local stars such as Umi Marcano and we bwoy D’Hitman who showed nuff luv, bigging up de Juice while on stage. After his performance we broke away to the sounds of Super Jigga T.C., Mouse Man and the rest of the WACK 90.1FM posse. Folks allyuh done know if WACK playin', de Soca cyah done! Well we reminisced away from d’ oldies but goldies to de more familiar tunes. Alas we were promised a performance by The Boss but after seeing half past 3 go by and no sign of him, we gave up hope and made our way out.

So we hope you guys decide FAST on which section yuh playing with, but TJJ is gonna tell ya and warn ya that it’s gonna be a tough one deciding. Overall, the night was a success and we look forward to C2k8 with Legacy as Passages takes to de road. For more information on Legacy, visit them at www.legacycarnival.com.

This is de Golden Girl in the sun & Young Simmo signing out for de TJJ fam.

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