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Lush ... De Ultimate Soca All Inclusive
Date: Friday 31st August 2007
Location: Secrets Lounge. Brooklyn, NY
Promotions: Sokalypso & Secrets Lounge
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Hey, hey, hey NY! Well the TJJ Team was in full effect for the Labor Day festivities. Ah was well on my to pick up the TJJ DC crew tonight, feeling real good because the traffic was light and ah was at the airport in two two's. Why oh why was the DC Team at La Guardia Airport and I in JFK!!! LOL!!! Lawd!!! Ah just jumped on the Van Wyck to the GCP and scooped up the crew fass fass and we were on our way to "Lush", another Sokalypso production held at Secrets Restaurant, Bar & Lounge. You heard the name right? LUSH.... eh heh... before we even got there, we already knew the bartenders were under some serious pressure. Also, it's not your regular All Inclusive, but a Soca All Inclusive!

Now TJJ loves Secrets Lounge, the neighborhood however.... let's just say, parking is a bit challenging. Righto, so we found a parking spot and bam, we in de fete. The crowd was still slowly but surely filing in and it was already after one o'clock in the morning. Whatever happened to getting there early and fettin' late?

The music was jammin' hard, just the way it supposed to be as we chipped into the middle of the session. A couple of DJ imports; Sound Inc. from Boston and Tony Tempo of Atlanta rinse out we ears good an proppa!!! Well you should see us trying to photograph the people... non stop wining and jumping! We tyad get mash! To make matters worse, the DJ made a mistake and played meh chune.... Zoelah's "Go Down Low" (ah big big 2k7 Vincy tune). Is only wine.... cyar focus!! Hee hee. Big up DJs Close Connections and Foreign Bass!

Ok back to de fete. Baje was well represented. As you all know, Crop Over 2k7 was only a few weeks ago, so you know how we get hyped up when the music is fresh and we can relate because we were there! Well.... we see all kinda wuk up! Fast, slow, hard, drunk, you name it! We even saw ah man, get wuk up from head to toe. It was about 4 women and they just leggo wuk up on he!!! LOL! As Patrice Robert's say, "Assume The Position"! Trust me.... a great time was had by all in attendance.

Sokalypso, as usual, we thank you for having us!!

Peace, Rae for the TJJ fam

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