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Mania 2007
Date: Sunday 18th February 2007
Location: Trinidad Country Club. Maraval, Trinidad
Promotions: High Fidelity/Less Than Zero, Zen, Club Coconuts

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Well folks we hitting what we want to consider one of de last fetes for the C2K7 season, also the last fete to catch Machel Montano at. After this one, all the action takes to the streets. Held as its usual venue, Mania was Team TJJ last stop officially ending the 2007 Fetealotathon®. Getting to this fete never poses a problem, as the team hails from the near by valley of Maraval.

We touched down in Country Club ah little after midnight and went to check off at the door. There we encountered a funny occurrence. Seems as though the same bands used in Trini Posse the night before, were being used for the VIP patrons tonight. The unknowing staff as such were welcoming us in without a clue that we had now arrived. Minor details to take note of come next year promoters.

Now this is a fete that rams out early because it is on the heels of J'Ouvert celebrations and at any time after 3 AM, the dance is likely to lock off. Also, many people leave early in order to avoid running into any J'Ouvert commotion when they hit the road. As such, it was no surprise that we ran into such ah huge crowd. Mingling around a bit, we saw many familiar faces enjoying the benefits of VIP. Allyuh know what we talkin bout.... nuff drinks and food!

From the looks of things , the vibes in general admission looked real nice as well. So as usual we went to take in a piece of de action but was cut short as Machel Montano HD came on-stage at about 1:30 AM. Duty calls! It was now time to make our way stage side in order to get a couple pics of Machel’s performance. Also performing with him were de usual all star line up of Mr. Vegas (guest JA reggae artist), Benjai, Patrice Roberts, Zan and not forgetting, good ole Farmer Nappy. They performed for a near hour to the crowd’s pleasure with anticipation and expectations growing high as Machel’s performance was coming to an end. Everyone was waiting and even began requesting the song that has really taken the season by storm. Yes peoples, "Jumbie".... Jumbie dem! Jumbie..... Jumbie dem!

After Machel Montano HD performance, patrons continued to party away to the sounds of the DJs. There didn't seem to be any more on stage performances from the looks of things, and as the clock drew closer to half past three, the crowd size began drastically shrinking. It seemed to be the end of yet another night. As we made our way to the car, we could see that J'Ouvert festivities no not too long away. People were gathering in large numbers at their respective bands assembly points. It was now time for mud, oil, powder, body paint, chocolate and whatever else yuh cud get dutty with. So folks, be sure to check out TJJ’s J'Ouvert coverage. Allyuh know we up in dat too! We gone again....

D Local Juice

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