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RED EYE Breakfast Party 2007
Date: Saturday 6th October 2007
Location: Studio A. Downtown Miami, FL
Promotions: Sunset Promotions & Midnight 4 Play
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"Where Red Eye is dred?" ...... "Allyuh know if dey have Red Eye dis year?" ..... "Is it by Solo On The Bay like last year?" .... "Yow breds, waz de directions for Red Eye?" "Anybody know?" Steupes...... after spending more than an hour asking everyone possible for the location of Red Eye 2007 - one of the most talked about parties from Miami 2006 - all of ah sudden, ah brother comes around the corner with invitations for de fete. And this is at 4:30am on the day of the party! Well, since the TJJ was down with Red Eye since it's inception back in 2005 (see Red Eye'05, Red Eye'06 coverage), we were not planning on missing this one. Advertised to begin at 6am, the crew decided to get some rest before venturing out.

The promoters welcomed our phone call at 10:30am and treated us with much luv as we made our entrance into Studio A. Respect due to Vaughn. On the inside, as expected, it was DJ after DJ ... chune after chune ... style after style ... waist after waist ... and wine after wine!! Once again, Red Eye didn't not disappoint. It was ALL DAT and a BAG OF CHIPS!

By 12 noon, de dance nice and there was no holding back as DJ's Eternal Vibes and Dr. Wax went way back into times wit rel styles. And if yuh feel them was de only ones heating up de tables for the large Brooklyn crew present, well think again.... Fresh Kid, Natural Freaks and the Vibesman Redman had to fling every trick they had in their books to keep the hyped up crowd moving. And fuss de music was jamming, you couldn't get a certain crew of ladies to go to de bar for drinks.... fuss they didn't want to skip ah beat.... throwing waist left right and center to hard styles.

As word got out for Red Eye's location, more and more people began flowing into Studio A. Before you knew it, the club had reached its full capacity and the numbers began to pile up outside (see photos 107 and 109). The possibility of getting in, for some, became very unrealistic. Apparently Red Eye had more followers than the venue could handle. Malcolm and Scotty had their hands full by the door.

By 4pm, with the club fill to the brim, and people begging to go in, the promoters got a surprise from a 'Big Red' .... yes, the Fire Marshal and his Fire truck!!! Yes again.... just like last year!! But by this time, fetters on the inside already had their fill.

If the question is asked, "Was the hunt for Red Eye, one of the bigger Breakfast Parties in Miami, worth it?" Answer is, YES! All we asking is for one ting.... that the promoters link us earlier next year with the 411, cause rel people was calling we for directions.

Who ready for an All Inclusive fete? Movements....

Joy Juice for the TJJ fam

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