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Photos by Emm Jennings
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South Africa vs Ireland Warm-Up Match
Date: Monday 5th March 2007
Location: Sir Frank Worrell Grounds (UWI). St. Augustine, Trinidad
Promotions: International Cricket Council (ICC)

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As it took me an hour to finally get into the Sir Frank Worrell Grounds at University of the West Indies (UWI), Ireland and South Africa were now being liberated from lunch. Hmm.... ah wonder what they was eating?

South Africa (SA) already made 192 runs all out in 50 overs. As the story goes after Ireland mash up 8 people A. Hall from SA stayed in and batted 67 not out till the Irish bowled out the last 2. Now SA should be the top country to play this ICC Cricket World Cup, but Ireland gave them a run for their money reaching 157 (also being an amateur cricket team.)

There were supporters there from Ireland and SA, but Trinis decided that they were supporting Ireland. They were not welcoming of South Africa's team and became strong supporters of the Irish which gave them the extra boost to give SA a thorn in their arse (pardon my French). After speaking to the Irish team they said, "Thank you Trinidad and Tobago, your energy was great!" They enjoyed their time and also the heckling of the South African team.

p.s Thank You ICC Cricket World Cup workers, you'll have been a great help, hospitable, and patient. I know this have nothing to do with allya, but why I must pay 12TT for water, 36TT for Guiness, and 18TT for Stag??!!


Caio... Keyz